ER Docs and Crucial Talks

Journey to the Other Side: When the Doctor Becomes the Patient - with Dr. Robin

January 20, 2021 Raj Kalsi & Cullen Kehoe Season 1 Episode 15
ER Docs and Crucial Talks
Journey to the Other Side: When the Doctor Becomes the Patient - with Dr. Robin
Show Notes

Welcome back to another great episode.

We are so lucky to have Robin, an amazing ER physician colleage, friend, and life advisor of Raj's on the show tonight.  Robin is a 20 year veteran ER physician and there isn't anything she hasn't seen or been through in the emergency department. 

Cullen drives the interview tonight and gets into the weeds discussing Robin's passions for life, medicine, the pursuit of Emergency Medicine, and building a family around this vocation.  Robin talks as well about her experience as a physician and member of the community during COVID-19 pandemic, as well as her experience with a difficult recent personal diagnosis.

As Robin tells Raj all the time, "I am an open book."  We are privileged to be able to bring you this amazing story of an extraordinary human being who has dedicated her life's work to healing others, saving lives, and improving quality of life.

Robin's favorite book is The Help:

Her favorite movie is The Breakfast Club:

The charity she would like people to consider donating to is:
Fox Valley Food for Health

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