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O.O.D.A. Loop: A Fighter Pilot's Algorithm for Decision Making

March 23, 2021 Raj Kalsi & Cullen Kehoe Season 1 Episode 17
ER Docs and Crucial Talks
O.O.D.A. Loop: A Fighter Pilot's Algorithm for Decision Making
Show Notes

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We are sorry for the delay in episodes but we are back!  Pandemic is slowly getting better and more Americans are getting vaccinated which are both wonderful things.  Tonight, Cullen and Raj delve into an interesting discussion about decision making strategies for critical situations such as on the job or perhaps at times in your personal life.  They pulled this concept from Shane Parrish of The Knowledge Podcast, someone they regard as a 'Cognitive Champion.'

They talk about the OODA Loop:

This is a strategy for quick decision making:
- Observe
- Orient
- Decide
- Act

Take a listen tonight and read up on OODA Loop and decide if it's a good strategy for you or a good mental framework to process critical decision making in your life.  This is a tool that Raj and Cullen both use routinely in the Emergency Departments that they work in, and sometimes in personal life.

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