Longitude Sound Bytes

107 Listening to the Entire Ecosystem

June 19, 2022 LongitudeSite
Longitude Sound Bytes
107 Listening to the Entire Ecosystem
Show Notes

"What makes this project really impactful is, we have open access to our methods and to our results."
A conversation with Lindsey Peavey Reeves (West Coast Region Sanctuary Soundscape Monitoring Project Coordinator) about conservation fieldwork and the holistic nature of soundscape monitoring. Presented by Longitude fellow Laurel Chen.

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As part of our Longitudes of Imagination theme, we are exploring the roles of individuals, technologies and research in ocean science and space technology. In this series, the fellows share highlights from their conversations with scientists and the members of NOAA’s soundscape monitoring project at the U.S. Marine Sanctuaries. 

What are they hearing underwater? What are they measuring? Who are they? And What are we learning? 

Tune into Longitude Sound Bytes episodes 105-110 for our conversations and explore the ocean sounds in the SanctSound Data Portal at https://sanctsound.ioos.us.

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