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Ep 9 - The Long Yak - Im Not a Robot | Hwayugi | Just Between Lovers | Mother | Radio Romance
February 27, 2018 Saya, Anisa, and Paroma

Saya, Anisa, and Paroma have a long yak about a bunch of current and old dramas that they're watching or plan to. There's also movie and anime recs for the interested. Join us! Shownotes ► |00:00:00. We introduce our new "Long Yak" format. |00:01:12. I'M NOT A ROBOT; the unnamed drama special with Jang Dong-yoon was called IF WE WERE A SEASON. |00:08:40. JUST BETWEEN LOVERS |00:15:25. RETURN OF ILJIMAE (2009) |00:26:17. DOUBTFUL VICTORY (also known as MYSTERIOUS IL-SEUNG/OH, THE MYSTERIOUS) |00:32:38. We talk about the dangerous drama production environment. |00:43:30. HWAYUGI |00:50:25. RADIO ROMANCE |01:09:55. We mention WOOHOO WAIKIKI (also known as LAUGHTER IN WAIKIKI, which none of us have really watched but all of us mean to, because Kim Jong-hyun + baby. |01:12:47. FATHER IS STRANGE |01:15:30. MIDNIGHT RUNNERS (2017), a film starring Park Seo-joon and Kang Ha-neul. |01:18:07. We compare the trailer of Kim Ok-bin's THE VILLAINESS to Jennifer Lawrence's RED SPARROW, and their respective portrayals of their female leads. |01:28:18. MOTHER, Lee Bo-young's currently airing drama, which we compare to Indian film KAHAANI 2 (2016). |01:37:35. Brief mention of shoujo anime LOVELY COMPLEX (2007). |Fin. ||Find us on YouTube ► ||Follow us on Twitter ► @akdramapodcast | Saya (@notnowsaya) | Laica (@laica_k) ||Podcast Editor ► Paroma (@festerfaster) || Music Used ►Last Summer by Ikson:

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