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Stars In My Pocket: A K-Drama Podcast
Ep 14 - The Long Yak - Poem A Day | Suits | Switch | Signal (Japanese) | Side By Side With You (Chinese)
May 09, 2018 Saya, Anisa, and Paroma

Anisa, Saya, and Paroma talk about recently airing dramas, shows they chose to stop watching, and KDrama's tendency to value emotions over plot development. Also, drama recs! |01:15 - Poem A Day |17:47 - Suits |30:40 - DNF'd dramas: Great Seducer |31:25 - DNF'd dramas: Shall We Kiss First |33:16 - DNF'd dramas: Switch |36:18 - Depiction of marijuana in Suits |39:01 - Is the frequency of sexual assault plots in recent dramas a result of the #MeToo movement? |39:44 - Japanese Drama: Signal |44:54 - Are Korean Dramas overly emotional? Paroma compares The Liar and His Lover with its source material and thinks it comes up short. |47:19 - Why some dramas choose to focus on emotions and leave the plot behind Saya uses The Great Seducer as a likely culprit. |50:11 - Chinese Dramas: Only Side By Side With You |52:57 - Question of the Yak: What will make you drop a drama immediately?

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