The Rational Educator

Jenn Casey Part 2: A Homeschool Co-op Journey - #15

August 12, 2020 Jenn Casey Season 1 Episode 15
The Rational Educator
Jenn Casey Part 2: A Homeschool Co-op Journey - #15
Show Notes

We conclude our two part episode with Jenn Casey, homeschool mom, and co-founder of an Atlanta area homeschool co-op. We talk about some of the reasons behind starting the co-op, the importance of founding principles, of community, and protecting all partners by forming a legal entity.

This is a great episode, with lots of insight into the workings of a homeschool co-op. If you're looking to start your own co-op, this is a great organization to model yours after.

You can find her co-op, The Space, Time, and Community co-op, here:

We also referred to a blog post on their website that asks whether or not their co-op classes are rigorous. You can find that here:

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