Ep 199: How to Coach Towards Agency
The Bright Morning Podcast with Elena Aguilar
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The Bright Morning Podcast with Elena Aguilar
Ep 199: How to Coach Towards Agency
May 13, 2024
Elena Aguilar

Do you struggle to coach disempowered clients? Do you have teammates who often feel like things are happening to them? 

In this episode, Elena shares how coaching ways of being, and in particular, coaching agency is the skill a Transformational Coach needs to help their clients feel better and empowered to get their needs met. You’ll learn two approaches to start utilizing this approach in your coaching conversations. 

Mentioned on this episode: 

Opportunities for continued learning: 

Reflection questions: 

  • What have you heard in your coaching conversations lately that indicates a client might be experiencing a lack of agency? 
  • Coaching toward agency requires a foundational belief that a client doesn’t need to be fixed. To what extent is this a deeply held belief of yours? 
  • Elena shared multiple ways you might invite clients to explore increasing their agency. Which approaches resonated with you? Is there a way you would like to modify one of these to make it more your own? 

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