Ep 200: Coaching Conversation: Coaching Core Human Needs
The Bright Morning Podcast with Elena Aguilar
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The Bright Morning Podcast with Elena Aguilar
Ep 200: Coaching Conversation: Coaching Core Human Needs
May 20, 2024
Elena Aguilar

In this episode, Elena uses the Core Human Needs framework to coach a teacher who is struggling to adapt to a new school environment. At multiple points in the conversation, Elena “pulls back the curtain” and provides insights into her coaching moves. 

Mentioned on this episode: 

Opportunities for continued learning: 

Reflection questions: 

  • Consider a current pain point in your life. Which of your core human needs are currently met and unmet? How might you use this framework to consider next steps? 
  • Consider a client who is struggling. What core human needs might be unmet? How could you use this framework in your next coaching conversation? 

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