Ep 203: Coaching Beliefs: A Simple Three-Step Tool
The Bright Morning Podcast with Elena Aguilar
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The Bright Morning Podcast with Elena Aguilar
Ep 203: Coaching Beliefs: A Simple Three-Step Tool
Jun 10, 2024
Elena Aguilar

In this episode, Elena introduces and demonstrates a new, simple three-step tool for coaching someone who has slipped into a victim mindset. This is episode three of a five-part series on coaching beliefs. 

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Opportunities for continued learning: 

Reflection questions: 

  • Think about something that is frustrating you right now:
    • What beliefs do you hold?
    • Are those true? How do you know? 
    • Are those empowering or disempowering?
    • How would you feel if you didn’t hold this belief?
    • What would be possible if you abandoned this belief?  
    • Are you willing to tell a different story? 
  • How might your own exploration and self-work in this area impact your ability and approach to coaching others? 

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