Ep 207: Coaching Behaviors: Planning for the Conversation
The Bright Morning Podcast with Elena Aguilar
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The Bright Morning Podcast with Elena Aguilar
Ep 207: Coaching Behaviors: Planning for the Conversation
Jul 08, 2024
Elena Aguilar

This is the second in a series of five episodes on coaching behaviors. Elena shares how she prepared for her coaching conversations, including how the coaching stances impact her planning and approach. 

Mentioned on this episode: 

Opportunities for continued learning: 

Reflection questions: 

  • Think of three coaching clients. For each, consider which types of coaching stances/questions result in shifts in their behaviors.  
  • Review the notes from your past three coaching conversations. What insights do you have about the types of questions and stances you take frequently? What stances would you like to take more of? 
  • What are 1-3 coaching stances and sentence stems you would like to use in your next coaching conversations? 

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