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S3E9: YouTube Challenges Twitch and New York Blaming Discord and Twitch for Terror Attack

May 25, 2022 Season 3 Episode 9
S3E9: YouTube Challenges Twitch and New York Blaming Discord and Twitch for Terror Attack
A Gaming Moment Podcast
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A Gaming Moment Podcast
S3E9: YouTube Challenges Twitch and New York Blaming Discord and Twitch for Terror Attack
May 25, 2022 Season 3 Episode 9

This week we discuss YouTube launching more features to compete as a viable competitor to Twitch. We also go over how the Ney York Attorney General is holding social media outlets like Twitch and Discord responsible for the Buffalo Shooting Terror Attack. We'll also touch on the Q1 2022 Live Streaming Industry Report, Sony's new Playstation Plus subscriptions, Nvidia's RTX 40 series, and a rumor that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 could have a market place.

 All that and MORE in this episode, and as always... Keep Grinding!

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Show Notes Transcript

This week we discuss YouTube launching more features to compete as a viable competitor to Twitch. We also go over how the Ney York Attorney General is holding social media outlets like Twitch and Discord responsible for the Buffalo Shooting Terror Attack. We'll also touch on the Q1 2022 Live Streaming Industry Report, Sony's new Playstation Plus subscriptions, Nvidia's RTX 40 series, and a rumor that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 could have a market place.

 All that and MORE in this episode, and as always... Keep Grinding!

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Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/agamingmomnet
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/agamingmoment/
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[00:00:00] Daygon07: What's up game geeks and tech junkies. Welcome to A Gaming Moment, a weekly podcast about everything gaming and streaming related, including the news tech and software behind it. Be sure to follow us on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, so you can engage with us as well as find out when we're streaming the podcast and get a first listen before it goes out across all of your favorite podcasting platforms.

[00:00:19] I'm Daygon07 and with me is WildTwinsFan. Wildy, how are you doing this week? 

[00:00:24] WildTwinsFan: I'm good. I'm good. Excited to get in on another podcast here. How about you day? How are you doing this week? 

[00:00:30] Daygon07: Oh man, it's been crazy busy, but it's been super good. I'm super excited about this podcast. We have some really great topics coming up.

[00:00:37] WildTwinsFan: Yeah. This week, we're going to talk a little bit about YouTube making some moves, trying to get in line with Twitch and kinda how Twitch program works. So we'll talk a little bit about that. We're also going to talk about Discord, Twitch, 4Chan, couple others, maybe to be investigated in the wake of a terror attack that happened in Buffalo.

[00:00:56] Also this week, we got some banter items. A topic I like a [00:01:00] lot, StreamLabs came out with their Quarter 1 2022 livestream industry report. I always like to see that I like to go through that and kind of just see where streaming is , where it's kind of drawing where it's not growing, where it's, where it's moving.

[00:01:14] And it's probably the best thing published that gives a indication across platforms. Of course, we're definitely gonna hit that. And that's a good part of what we're about hereon A Gaming Moment. We're else talk about Sony's new PlayStation plus subscriptions, and those are going to be launching on June 13th.

[00:01:32] Rumors of the Nvidia RTX 40 series is set to launch. Maybe even as soon as July there's leaks are coming out. And, and they're, they're kind of saying maybe sooner. We're going to definitely keep an eye on that. Talk a little bit about that. We're also going to talk about a big topic. That's kind of close to us.

[00:01:49] Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 could actually have a marketplace where players could trade skins. Obviously we know that the micro transactions are huge and the kind of macro [00:02:00] transactions, sometime the ability to buy something and then trade it. And kind of what the implications is that could be for Call of Duty. So...

[00:02:09] Daygon07: So diving right in YouTube has started piloting some new features for its streaming platform. And we've seen a lot of really top prominent streamers on YouTube showing off these, these new features. Wild. Have you seen any of these? 

[00:02:23] WildTwinsFan: I haven't really watched a whole lot cause I don't, I just haven't really had time to watch streams lately, but I know I'm YouTube is launching five new features really that are really aimed at the live streaming.

[00:02:35] And so the first one's the go together live, which is great for like podcasting. So this might work good for us and just chatting type of streams. 

[00:02:45] Daygon07: Yeah. So YouTube is currently running a small pilot test for this and what it is, it's the collaborative streaming feature for mobile devices. What it does, it allows creators to invite guests, to stream with them, by sending them a link, very similar to [00:03:00] different type of podcasting platforms.

[00:03:01] Like what we use, actually, it's pretty cool. The host who creates the live stream can invite and screen their guests before going live to their viewers. Now, there is a note that goes with this, that the guests channel and user information will remain hidden during the stream and the host of a go live together stream.

[00:03:22] You'll be. Able to see the streaming analytics and your YouTube studio as you would with any other live stream, but the guests cannot, they won't be able to see any analytics. They actually don't have any mention of their channel on, on these, shared stream feature. So that's one downside to being a guest.

[00:03:38] But then again, if you're coming to this, person's channel the main, the main person's channel, you're there for their content anyway. And more than likely, they're going to plug the guest is going to plug their, their channel in during that broadcast anyway. So you're not missing out on too, too much, but as, as a guest, you don't get the analytics that come off of it, which is no big deal at the end of the [00:04:00] day.

[00:04:01] WildTwinsFan: So then the next feature that they've rolled out as the live rings gives you a little bit better visibility when channels are live. 

[00:04:09] Daygon07: So very similar to what Twitch does. Twitch has like the little side panel that lets , who's live. They have like a little live icon. YouTube starting to do the same thing.

[00:04:19] So in your, subscribed channels that you have on your sidebar, on your, on your YouTube page, you can see if that particular channel is live just by looking at that little sidebar. So it gives you an opportunity to catch your favorite channels when they're, when they're streaming live and they're intended to increase discovery and viewership for creators, live streams, tapping on the profile picture with the live badge ring will direct you to the active live stream instead of actually taking you to their channel.

[00:04:50] So it'll actually just take you to the live stream, which is, which is a nice feature because people sometimes don't know how to search for the live channel, or they might miss it on the, on the channel homepage. [00:05:00] Live rings can be currently seen on certain screens on mobile devices, and it will be extended across YouTube later this year here in 2022.

[00:05:09] WildTwinsFan: Harris Heller actually talked about one of the things that I wonder if they're going to kind of roll into that live rings is that when you go watch a video, so if you went to Daygon's channel, Daygon07, on YouTube and found one of his videos and you were watching a video on some gear or some streaming techniques or whatever, why is there not a, a little thing on that when you're watching a video that says, "Hey, he's actually live right now."

[00:05:33] You can watch him live right now. And YouTube doesn't do that. And maybe that live rings will give them a little bit of that power, but I think you still have to maybe be subbed to see these live rings. So what's, subs are free, so no big deal there, but it'll be interesting because I always thought that was a really a really big miss on YouTube part.

[00:05:55] Like, yeah, there's obviously recorded content. You can watch any time, [00:06:00] but Hey, you can catch this person live. You can interact, you can talk to this person library. Now, if you click. So I think hopefully that that helps. 

[00:06:09] Daygon07: Yeah, I think it'll, I think they'll eventually, I think there's enough people in the community there's enough prominent people in the community like Harris Heller is actually a pretty big deal with the Alpha Gaming channel or, what he's going to be rebranding to here pretty soon called the Senpai Gaming channel.

[00:06:24] And, he, he has a lot of input when it comes to these things and, he has his dedicated YouTube rep. So I do think this could be something coming in the future, maybe , on, on the, in screens of videos where it shows the, the ability to subscribe to the person's channel at the, at that end screen, maybe it'll have that live ring on it, letting people know that, Hey, this person is live or on the bottom right corner of the videos where, where they can set their logo, maybe they'll put the library in there to let them know that this channel is live.

[00:06:53] I mean, there's a, there's a couple opportunities there in, in the, for the user experience that would make it seamless and make it [00:07:00] relatively easy. 

[00:07:01] WildTwinsFan: And what a great way to get people actually watching live streams on YouTube, because that does seem to be a bit of an issue. We'll discuss that. And also they've rolled out now what they call it, cross channel live redirects.

[00:07:14] And I know those on Twitch as raids, that that's, that's a pretty big feature then too. 

[00:07:21] Daygon07: Yeah. Harris did a video on this one as well. There's some, there's some pretty big pitfalls with this because you actually have to approve people to be able to raid you or to be able to redirect to you. So it's not as simple as what Twitch's system is and, and they're doing it for safety and security purposes to stop the hate raids that that Twitch has been having, which has been absolutely detrimental to the platform in, in recent months.

[00:07:51] The fact that you can't just get some random, like one of our friends that streams PUBG, Cali_Ness, she'll randomly, she'll randomly [00:08:00] raid when she's done with her her, her stream she'll randomly raid somebody she killed in a, in a previous game, or maybe that killed her. To kind of give them the, give them the boost.

[00:08:10] You don't have that opportunity here, unless, you, the streamer go onto that person's page. I think you have to sub to them as well. And then you have to let them know, Hey, I want to I want to be able to raid you. Can you add me to your approved cross-channel live redirect list.

[00:08:26] And then the streamer has to go in the back end and add this person's username. And it's a hassle, like they got to clean that up. Again, these are, these are piloted features, so they're, they're gathering a ton of feedback for these features. Just, just keep that in mind. It's not a hundred percent set in stone yet, but that's one thing that they have to fix.

[00:08:44] They have to make it easier for people to do the live redirects for other streamers. Otherwise this, this one's not gonna. 

[00:08:50] WildTwinsFan: So then feature number four, we got rolling out. There's a live Q and A great for AMA creators. This is another piece of [00:09:00] thing that YouTube is missing is that actual interaction with the streamer live.

[00:09:05] And I think this has to be another great piece for that. 

[00:09:10] Daygon07: Yeah, that's what a lot of just the just chatting stuff is on, on Twitch is AMAs of, different computer manufacturers or different parts manufacturers going on there and, potential customers asking questions. It'll be great for small businesses that, that utilize YouTube live streaming to promote their companies.

[00:09:30] And I think, I think small businesses would benefit from this a lot, but streamers definitely. Hey, come sit on it, sit in on this AMA , ask me anything that you guys wanna want to ask me, what kind of content do do I enjoy putting out? What kind of content do you guys want to see more of?

[00:09:47] Things like that. It's, it's going to be really great for that. 

[00:09:51] WildTwinsFan: Yeah. And then finally another big one that they finally rolled out on YouTube and it's not quite there, but gifted [00:10:00] memberships we talked about gifted memberships were huge for Twitch, huge for the revenue. Now there'll be available on YouTube.

[00:10:08] Daygon07: Yeah. Gifted channel memberships can be purchased only on desktop during creators livestream. There's a little money button next to the live chat to be able to purchase the memberships. Viewers have to opt in again, this is like some of that friction. So this is some of that feedback that they're, that they're putting in.

[00:10:24] Viewers have to opt in to be eligible, to receive gifts on the. So during the beta users can opt in by clicking allow gifts when prompted. So if you're on like Dr. Disrespect stream or TimTheTatMan's stream, and you have a prompt to come up, that means you, somebody you're going to be getting a gift, hopefully.

[00:10:40] And then you can, you can click allow, and then you'll be, you'll be receiving your gift, your gifted membership. They distribute the gifted memberships to viewers based on how much they interact with the channel. Loyal, loyal viewers are more likely to receive gifted memberships than first-time viewers.

[00:10:55] And viewers will get notified with a personal live chat message and email if they receive a [00:11:00] gift membership and they're non-reoccurring and the recipient doesn't incur any fees, very similar to Twitch's gifted subs. 

[00:11:08] WildTwinsFan: Although Twitch's gifted sub seem to be very, very random because all get gifted subs on occasion.

[00:11:16] I I'm, I'm pretty sure channels. I don't, I certainly don't remember watching, so I don't. Yeah. It's not even a follower of oh, wow. Not even a follower cause yeah, it's, it's, it's a weird thing. So maybe it's a follower of the action. It might be a follower of the category. Like, so I've got, I've got an, actually a, quite a few PUBG gift subscriptions, but I got them for people that I didn't follow which is, just kind of weird, but...

[00:11:52] Daygon07: But this is great for these content creators, these streamers on, on YouTube.

[00:11:57] This is something that, they've been asking [00:12:00] for, for, a couple of years now. And it's really great to see that YouTube is listening and they've, they've implemented this. They have some cleaning up to do again, but they are moving absolutely moving in the right direction. 

[00:12:14] So the New York attorney general Latisha James has announced her office is launching investigations into various online platforms and social media companies following the May 14th terror attack in Buffalo that claimed 10 lives and wounded, three people basically buddy streamed, the whole thing live on Twitch and he quote unquote, planned it out on Discord.

[00:12:35] So according to a Discord spokesperson, they said, what we know at this time is that it was a private invite, only server, and it was created by the suspect to serve as a personal diary chat log, approximately 30 minutes prior to the attack, a small group of people were invited to it and they did join the server before that their records indicate that there was no other people who saw the diary and chat log in this private server.

[00:12:59] So he basically set it [00:13:00] up for himself to kind of, make notes or what have you. The governor Kathy Hochul demanded that social media platforms do more to prevent these streams from being shared. She said that there's a feeding frenzy on social media platforms where hate festers more hate. And this has to stop. These outlets must do must be more vigilant in monitoring social media content. And certainly the fact that this act of barbarism, this execution of innocent human beings could be live streamed on social media platforms and not taken down within a second says to me that there's a responsibility out there.

[00:13:35] My first reaction to that quote was like, listen lady there in the last seven days, there were 5.1 million streams, which means the daily average of streams over that same period was 728,571 streams. It is impossible for a company to monitor over 700,000 live streams. I don't care how big you are. [00:14:00] You cannot monitor over 700,000 live streams.

[00:14:03] That means you have to have a dedicated, dedicated individuals to watch these live streams, to make sure that shit's not going awry, like even DMCA's don't come out until after a stream ends, the VOD is created and processed. So during the attack, Twitch became aware of the live stream and removed it within two minutes of going live. Wild, that's the quickest I've seen any social media do anything in my book, right?

[00:14:31] The fact that it was taken down within two minutes, 

[00:14:34] WildTwinsFan: That's pretty fast. Twitch is not I've seen adult content going for hours on Twitch before like it, and then it's had thousands of viewers and that doesn't get taken down a good job on Twitch. You can report channels. I've reported channels in the past that were way out of bounds for the terms of service.

[00:14:58] And I've seen them taken [00:15:00] down fairly quickly, but I there's no way it was two minutes and I'd never stayed around to actually watch. But that that's a pretty good response time. And realistically with as much as they have going on, I think that's pretty good. You, you're never going to be able to have a zero number on that one.

[00:15:20] Daygon07: Yeah. There's no way. And on top of that, there's a process that has to be gone through, right. It, the stream has to be found by someone, someone has to report the stream. Twitch has to then verify the activity is indeed happening. And then once that, once that has been verified, then action can be swiftly taken.

[00:15:40] So there's a, there's an order of operations. There's an order of events. And that does not happen within one second. I'm sorry. 

[00:15:47] WildTwinsFan: Yeah, there's streamers that would never be able to go live again. If users had control of that somehow, or if there was some other way to, to click streams off for a couple seconds there there's I guarantee [00:16:00] there's certain streamers that would never be able to go live again.

[00:16:02] Cause they, they get trolled. Or hate rated or whatever to, to not be able to leave in stream. So, I mean, that's what you have to do. 

[00:16:13] Daygon07: Yeah. The New York attorney General's investigations will quote unquote, look into the social media companies and other online resources that the shooter use to discuss and amplify his intentions.

[00:16:23] The investigations will focus on platforms, use to stream, promote, or plan the event, which they are, they include, but are not limited to Twitch, 4Chan, 8Chan and Discord. So there's, there's a few other ones. They state that the terror attack in Buffalo has once again, revealed the depths and danger of the online forums that spread and promote hate.

[00:16:45] It's a free country guys. It's, it's like, th there's there's places that people need to get stuff off their chest. So like this shit doesn't happen But they go on to say time and time again, we've seen real-world devastation that is born of these dangerous and hateful [00:17:00] platforms, and we're doing everything in our power to shine a spotlight on this alarming behavior and take action to ensure it never happens again.

[00:17:06] So essentially they want to hold companies like Discord and Twitch responsible because he made his notes on Discord in a private server where no one else was, which means, if he didn't do it on Discord, if he wrote it, if he wrote it all down on paper, we would be holding, they'd be holding BIC accountable, because he wrote it out with a BIC ballpoint pin and Mead, because he used their notebook paper to write it down on.

[00:17:30] Is that that's basically what they're saying? Am I correct? Yeah. 

[00:17:34] WildTwinsFan: I mean, it's not, it's not reasonable. You can't have, you human nature. You're not going to have ever have a zero tolerance, zero policy on this stuff. So, I mean, I think they did a, I actually think they did a commendable job getting to taken down.

[00:17:53] Yeah, 

[00:17:54] Daygon07: They did the best that they could like stop trying to blame companies for shit. They're not babysitters. [00:18:00] Like sure, they own the platform, but how people use the platform. That's not, that's not on them. Discord does not actively go in and monitor what's posted on their platform. If they did, people would be complaining about invasion of privacy and shit.

[00:18:15] WildTwinsFan: I mean, Discord does have some stuff in place. Like if you have adult content on Discord, Discord, we'll figure it out. ? So there, there is some, I don't know what it is, but I know if I know servers I've been on where, where something's been posted, that's a little bit out of bounds and Discord is actually message admins for stuff like that.

[00:18:36] So, there is some of that stuff in place. I'd also just like to know listeners, what do you guys think hit us up on the social media is that reasonable for Discord and, and, and Twitch, and to have the responsibility of being able to shut this stuff down within a second, or, or, or what is reasonable?[00:19:00]

[00:19:00] Daygon07: One of the authors or the author of the, one of the articles that I, that I read researching this topic, I want to talk about his last paragraph that he wrote in his article, because there was, there was something really profound in there for me. And I'm going to go ahead and read it.

[00:19:14] This comes from rich Stanton. He's the author of the of, of an article on this subject on pcgamer.com. He says it is unclear what the New York authorities are hoping to uncover here. A chat service like Discord being used for evil purposes seems like a human problem rather than a technology problem. Discord once went on a spree of banning white supremacist servers, following criticism while Twitch's response in this case was swift. Sadly, this feels like a problem these platforms and the authorities will be grappling with for a long time to come .In to me Wild, he hit it right on the money.

[00:19:49] This is a human problem, not a technology problem. Twitch can't control humans, Discord can't control humans. 

[00:19:56] WildTwinsFan: I agree.[00:20:00]

[00:20:00] Daygon07: So guys, if you've been enjoying the podcast and would like to support us so we can keep creating more content, we've got a Patrion that you can visit by going to Patrion dot gaming moment.com become a patron and gain exclusive benefits, such as early access to episodes, monthly AMAs, and an additional monthly bonus episode. So sign up today.

[00:20:21] WildTwinsFan: And dropping us into one of the hot topics. I always, I always like this topic. It's for me, this is fun. We're going to drop into the Streamlabs and stream hatchet, quarter 1 2022 live streaming industry report and a Day what he got on it? What's a key takeaways?

[00:20:40] Daygon07: So on the report basically goes over the three big ones. It basically goes over Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, and overall, all the platforms are seeing a decline in growth compared to this time last year, Twitch is the only platform to experience growth compared to the previous quarter and year over year, the total [00:21:00] hours watched across all platforms decreased by 8%.

[00:21:04] So, are we starting to see kind of a post COVID effect here where more people are going back to work or they're having more events in person they're not having to rely on live streaming as much. Is this the new norm? Are we going to start seeing more of a deep decline as, as things are starting to kind of go back to normal?

[00:21:23] I know we're starting to see some, some increases in COVID across the globe. Could they go up? I mean, what are your thoughts Wild? 

[00:21:29] WildTwinsFan: I think that's, I think a lot of it's unsurprising to me, I believe a lot of people have went back to work. I believe a lot of people I know from my life, I have a lot less free time available now, and I'm not sure what I'm doing, but there's a lot less free time in my life.

[00:21:48] And, we've been to work the entire time. I think that's pretty normal. I think, there's a lot of hype that was growing really fast and , this is going to kind of show you [00:22:00] how much did we really grow? How much did you sustain growth over this time? And so I think, reasonable to say, because times have changed that backing off, 8%, it is not terrible. It's probably not unforeseen. It's just kind of the nature of it. And then, and I think it will still keep growing. We'll have to see as this year kind of pans out, because for me as this year is going to be real telltale again, as the platform, actually growing with life going back to quote unquote normal, 

[00:22:34] Daygon07: Right, so Twitch, which represents 76% of the market share for hours watch compared to YouTube and Facebook, their hours watched declined 3.3% from 6.34 billion hours in Q1 of 2021. So they're seeing a slight decrease and they also represent 91.5% of the market share for our streams compared to YouTube and Facebook.

[00:22:59] [00:23:00] Like that's huge. That means Facebook and YouTube account for less than 10% of all, all streams. So that tells you that more people trust going to Twitch to stream then the other two platforms. But what you should also take away from that is there's also a lot more competition. So you have, you might have a lot more opportunity for growth on the other platforms as well.

[00:23:25] WildTwinsFan: And that might be a little bit to do with Twitch, having exclusivity agreements with people too, so if you have content creators and they're exclusive to Twitch for streaming, now that's a little bit of what we talked about last week.

[00:23:39] Are they opening the door to let those 91% stream more on YouTube now? And is that going to bolster YouTube numbers? Interesting to see how this one plays out? 

[00:23:51] Daygon07: I would hope so. YouTube is year over year, watch hours declined by 12.4%. They represent 14% of the market share for hours [00:24:00] watched. So, these are, these are fairly decent sized numbers.

[00:24:04] YouTube also represents three and a half percent of the market share for our streamed. This kind of perplexed me, especially considering the, the major signings that they did this year with Dr. Lupo. We now know that Dr. Disrespect is a, is a signed streamer for YouTube. You have Valkyrae that just re upped.

[00:24:25] You have CourageJD, you have Timmy , I would expect I would have expected the hours watched to have gone up, but maybe again, maybe they're trying to balance out the, the COVID effect, right? The people, not that we're streaming last year versus that are streaming this year. So, maybe if they didn't have those, those guys on the platform, these, these big prominent streamers on the platform, those, those watch hours decline numbers would have been a lot higher.

[00:24:54] WildTwinsFan: Yeah, I dunno. It's YouTube is a hard place to stream. I'll give it that. It's a [00:25:00] hard place to get viewers. I I'll always get random viewers dropping through on Twitch, even as bad as Twitch. With discoverability people still find my channel and on YouTube, I'm even easier to find because there's less people streaming to it but rarely do I ever get a YouTube comment.

[00:25:17] So it's yeah, it's, it's, it's got a long ways to go. 

[00:25:22] Daygon07: I'll I'll get a, I'll get a YouTube viewer or two, what I've noticed too, to my main channels detriment. Cause I I've tested streaming on a secondary channel called Daygon07_Live, which is my, my quote unquote streaming channel because I noticed that when I went live on my, my actual channel, my Daygon07 channel, I ended up having more unsubscriptions than I did subscriptions to my channel.

[00:25:49] And I don't know if it was because of, every day they were getting a notification that a video is going live or that a stream was going live. Or sometimes I would have an issue with my stream, so I would have to [00:26:00] restart my stream. So then they're getting another notification on top. So, I don't know.

[00:26:04] I think there, I think there's some cleanup that needs to be done. That again, that was a test that I've been running over the past, I don't know, six months or so to see, is it worth having a separate channel for my YouTube prerecorded content versus my live content? Because my prerecorded content, that's what my channel is kind of known for.

[00:26:22] It's not known for the live content and was that hurting me or will it, will it help me in the long run? And I, I don't know results are inconclusive at this point. 

[00:26:35] So moving over to Facebook gaming they represent 10% of the market share for hours watched and man looking at these numbers, Wild like Facebook's hours have gone into the shitter on this one year over year, hours declined 24.2%. So pretty much a quarter year over year, that is nuts. [00:27:00] It's a huge number and they represent 5% of the market share for hours streamed and they experienced a 35.9% decrease in our stream. That means people are moving away from Facebook in droves.

[00:27:15] Like something about Facebook is not working. I had high hopes for Facebook. I'm on record saying I had high hopes because there was, there was a way to target the demographic that you wanted to target because all of your personal information is on Facebook. So you had an easy way to target the target, the viewers that you wanted to target, but it's some, something's just not working there, man.

[00:27:38] And then year over year over year Facebook gaming experienced a 78.2% decrease in unique channel streaming, unique channels streaming on the platform. That's massive. That's that's mass Exodus, dude. 

[00:27:55] WildTwinsFan: Yeah. I think what they probably need to do. As we can change this from [00:28:00] Facebook gaming, the Meta gaming and they'll fix everything 

[00:28:05] Daygon07: You think so? 

[00:28:06] WildTwinsFan: No, but that's something that's what they've done with taking away the Oculus brand. I, I honestly think Facebook has an identity issue. Like my kids technically are on Facebook, but they don't use it. And I can say a lot of that, of my niece and nephews and, and even my cousins and stuff like that. The use of Facebook is going down and I think they've done a lot of things detrimental to their brand that are hurting that.

[00:28:38] And he can't say anything really too bad about YouTube, right. Twitch has its issues and we've talked to, but he's just, I mean, YouTube has its issues too, but Facebook has an identity issue. They have a your identity and your, your personal identifying features. They, they have [00:29:00] you in Zuckerberg's pocket at all times, and it doesn't look good.

[00:29:06] Daygon07: Yeah. Working in the cybersecurity industry, we, we tell people like Meta is not a social media company. It is a data company. Cause they, they have everything about you and outside of Facebook, this is kind of, kind of go off topic. And I'm sorry guys. Outside of Facebook, they have adjusted Instagram so much, like Instagram's not even about pictures anymore.

[00:29:31] They're, they're focused more on the, the short videos, the Instagram stories, like they're putting a major focus on that. And they're, they're basically changing the narrative around Instagram. Like Instagram was the place to go to, to post, this was like the best place for photographers to go to.

[00:29:49] And, and the reason why I'm saying this is this is irrelevant, but kind of relevant is, we're also we're content creators. We have our, we have our our Instagram channels. Wild has his Instagram channels, [00:30:00] his, his hungered inspired, which is, is growing at a fairly decent rate. Congrats Wildy.

[00:30:05] And, and that's his main channel that he uses. For, for that, that venture of his life is his foodie venture of his life. And it's been it's been around taking great photos and posting them and sharing them. Now, now Instagram is changing the narrative and they're, they're going more towards a video platform.

[00:30:26] Yeah. We actually had a lot of talk about, we have to do shorts. Now the picture posts aren't as... no one wants to see those as much, the, myself and the wife have to kind of transition to that. So... 

[00:30:41] Learn your video editing skills Wild. 

[00:30:43] WildTwinsFan: Yep. 

[00:30:44] Daygon07: So Nvidia's RTX 40 series there's rumors that it is set to launch as soon as July.

[00:30:51] And this rumor actually comes from a well-known leaker called Kopite7kimi. I've never heard of the guy. But he mentioned early quarter [00:31:00] three, which could indicate a July launch. Many people are speculating a launch at Gamescom, which is in August. That would mean it's mid to late Q3. So assuming the launch takes place either early or mid Q3, it would be earlier than what everyone's expected with the September, October being a likely launch window previously.

[00:31:22] And if they launch it at that time period, it would give them an advantage over AMD. And they might even possibly beat Intel to the launch of its ARC series cards, which I know there's a lot of hype around Intel's ARC series cards. 

[00:31:35] WildTwinsFan: Yeah. I mean, we'll see. I mean, there's a lot to be said for things that can do it, but do they work?

[00:31:43] How's the software 

[00:31:45] Daygon07: Truth truth, but it is believed that the high end cards will roll out first. They're always going to send out their flagships first so that it generates the halo headlines and the production numbers won't need to be as high because nobody's going to be able [00:32:00] to afford the damn things.

[00:32:01] Cause they're going to be $2,000. Yeah, man, I've, I've, I've looked at some of the specs on these. Like it's going to be a 600 watt TDP with which would mean that third-party cards might include a dual 16 pin power supply so that it can support well over a kilowatt of possible power delivery, dude. That is, that is nuts.

[00:32:24] Yeah. The RTX 40 90 might be one of those 600 Watts to feed it. But up to 18,000 cores and 96 megabytes of L2 cache that's man, I have no need for that much power. 

[00:32:39] WildTwinsFan: I'm just thinking about it. Now I put an 850 watt power spot in my computer and I I'm thinking that I was thinking that was kinda overkill.

[00:32:46] Right? I needed, I needed, well, I needed at least seven 50 yet. But I put eight 50 and I thought that would kind of, give me some future-proof or, upgradability or whatever, but not if I go to, [00:33:00] I probably not going to 4090, but geez. 

[00:33:05] Daygon07: Yeah, it's insane. Ju we just know that AMD will have its work cut out for it if they want to take the throne, but they, they have a decent hardware.

[00:33:15] I'll say that they have decent hardware, their specs, the price point for it is great. But man, we, we, as a community, as a gaming community, have just been begging for, better drivers support, better software support from that company. And they're just not delivering for us. , 

[00:33:32] WildTwinsFan: it's funny because I actually caught a little bit of the land show and it just popped in LA last week.

[00:33:38] And so if you guys aren't familiar, when show being Linus tech tips Friday, Friday evening, live podcasts, whatever you want to call it each week and. The just the perfect time when I jumped in and they were talking about AMD and just the lack of AMD to have Nvidia broadcast and in Vink. And some of these creative tools that, [00:34:00] they're not highly sought by a lot of people, but man, they're a deal breaker for a lot of people.

[00:34:06] The people that know of them, it's a deal breaker for, so... 

[00:34:10] Daygon07: It was a deal breaker for me coming off of that RX 590 that I had moving to this 3080. A, the, the performance is, is, apples and oranges. It's completely different, but the ability to have the ability to have that NVENC chip and not tax my graphics card while I'm streaming, that's huge.

[00:34:28] That's huge. I get, I get to keep all my frames in my game while streaming give me that all day, every day and twice a day on Sundays. 

[00:34:36] WildTwinsFan: So then a little bit of rumor this week. Call of Duty, modern warfare might actually have a marketplace where players can trade your skins. And I don't know. What do you think about this day?

[00:34:48] What I bought some key takeaways on this piece. 

[00:34:52] Daygon07: So they're supposedly rumors are, again, these are rumors, but we love playing with these rumors. No, but the rumor [00:35:00] is that they're going to come out with a new mode, basically a famed leaker called TheGhostOfHope has shed light on Modern Warfare 2 details.

[00:35:09] So in addition to the campaign and multiplayer, modern warfare, two was rumored to be launching a third dedicated mode called DMZ, which takes inspiration from games like Escape from Tarkov, which I think is completely cool. With this mode, they might also be introducing a highly required feature in the form of a marketplace where players will be able to trade cosmetics.

[00:35:33] So we see, we see places like this, doing this already. A Steam's the biggest one. When I first started playing pub, when I first started playing PUBG I didn't know about it. So we got the crates and stuff, the skin crates and stuff that, that, that you can buy with your, with the BP on there. I didn't know.

[00:35:53] I could take those and sell those on the Steam marketplace and actually make real [00:36:00] money off of it, which I thought was really cool. So like the, the heart, the time and the hard, hard work that you put into, getting these things and some of these things are super rare and people are willing to pay a pretty penny for it.

[00:36:13] It's a great way to make a little extra income. Of course people want to exploit it, but , we're not going to talk about that right now, but according to ghost, yeah, go ahead. 

[00:36:23] WildTwinsFan: That's the biggest, big, big loophole for me is what what's going to be exploited and Tarkov's a little bit different of a market.

[00:36:32] Right? You can take things that you got in game and change them for in game money to play the game. I don't know if you're going to be able to sell actual, like skins that you paid money for and Cod. So, I don't know. 

[00:36:50] Daygon07: So according to ghost, modern warfare, two players will be able to earn cosmetics like operator and weapon skins, blueprints from playing the, [00:37:00] this DMZ mode.

[00:37:01] And while these will be usable across multiplayer in war zone, two players can also trade within the, within this marketplace, similar to some other games like Counter-Strike CSGO. Which also allows players to trade their weapons, skins, and some even making some money. What isn't clear as if there will be only a certain selection of skins that can be traded.

[00:37:21] And if it extends to skins earned outside of DMZ, such as purchasing through an end game store or unlocking through the multiplayer side instead. So there, there's still a lot of questions. Again, these are rumors, but I think this is something cool that, that Call of Duty can be integrating in with the game.

[00:37:38] I think they're trying to modernize. I mean, if you really think about it, they've been putting out the same game over and over for like the last 10 years and they need to do something to change it. I mean, war zone, where's the one was the biggest change in the, in, in recent CoDhistory. Everything else has been the same.

[00:37:54] Like the UI might've changed a little bit, the way things work, might've changed just the touch. Like it's [00:38:00] evolved over time, but essentially if you go to modern warfare, the, the original modern warfare and you play all the way to now is damn near the same game, just different levels and different. 

[00:38:10] WildTwinsFan: I, it, it concerns me though, because even with PUBG you saw that CSGo, you see it, that people will cheat if there is a financial benefit to having skins.

[00:38:21] So I don't really see a real marketplace coming out of this where Steam, you can get actual Steam credit. You can't actually get cash out of the deal. I'm not, not legitimately anyways. I don't know. It scares me with the hacker reissues they have and the cheating problems that CoD has already. Even though this is supposedly on a new engine that does incentivize cheating in my humble opinion, more.

[00:38:52] So we'll see. Yeah. 

[00:38:52] Daygon07: We'll, we'll see. And finally, Sony's new PlayStation plus subscriptions are set to launch June 13th and they've [00:39:00] actually put out a list of games. That's going to come with it, but it's not the games that they're sending with it. It's the games that they're not including with it, which has, has me befuddled to use a word of a famous of a good TickToker that I like to watch.

[00:39:14] It has my, it has my brain absolutely befuddled. The PlayStation plus options are very similar to like Xboxes Game Pass Ultimate there you'll, you'll get a selection of free games that you can play. But unlike Microsoft, they're not gonna include first party games within the subscription package, like, like day one, to be able to play these games day one like with Xbox, you can play games like halo, infinite gears, five Forza horizon.

[00:39:45] All of those, you can, you can play

[00:39:47] WildTwinsFan: Flight 2020 is a big one. 

[00:39:49] Daygon07: Yeah. Flight 2020, but PlayStation's not going to allow you to play games like horizon zero Dawn or horizon forbidden west, or my God Wild, [00:40:00] Grand Turismo 7. Like that's a huge title for the PlayStation and you're not going to be able to play that day one unless you, unless you pay for it, 

[00:40:10] WildTwinsFan: If they set up a subscription for PlayStation, that would allow me to play GT seven on my PC.

[00:40:18] If I can even play that on my PC, I would I'm I'm in, I've a buy the game, but probably not going to buy a PS5 just to get the game. 

[00:40:28] Daygon07: And I don't think right now they have the ability, like, like what what Microsoft does with the Game Pass Ultimate to be able to have a marketplace for PC games. I don't think they're going to have that out launch.

[00:40:43] And that's why I'm thinking that they're there. The cost of it is actually going to be a little less. The PlayStation plus essentials is $9.99 a month. And that includes basic access to online services, just like the, the, the current slash previous plus [00:41:00] subscription. They have another one that's going to be $14.99 a month, but that allows you to have like PS3 titles and extra 340 games.

[00:41:08] And the ability to stream PS3 titles from anywhere. The original one is going to have PS4 and PS5 games. I think they're still missing the mark. I think, Microsoft still has their nuts in their hand and they're giving them a good tug. And, they're saying we own, you still, your, your hardware might be better, but everything else that we have, that's not hardware is better.

[00:41:32] And that's why people choose us over PlayStation. 

[00:41:35] WildTwinsFan: It's a little bit not a good of as a cell, as Microsoft. So we'll see if it can actually compete. I actually just read an article shortly before we went live here that Microsoft's not doing so well on their game pass either. So yeah, we'll see.

[00:41:52] We'll see where this goes. It doesn't look good for either one of them at the moment, but I'm still still member. 

[00:41:58] Daygon07: Yep. Me too. [00:42:00] So we have a couple followups here. They're actually some pretty good ones. So going back to our VR chat that we had with Kyle of the net VR. I came across an article where the title of it was people can't explain what the metaverse is, but they're very excited for it.

[00:42:16] So you can say metaverse again, the buzz word metaverse and people are like, oh yes, but 66% of those who think they know what the metaverse is, believe it will be life-changing. And a recent survey shows that many people have heard of the metaverse, but only a fraction of them can explain what it is. And that's not surprising considering that, depending on who you ask the meta versus either the next evolution of the internet, or mostly nonsense as it lacks a clear definition, which again is something that we had talked about with Kyle Doran of the net VR here a while back.

[00:42:54] He stated that the metaverse is everything that you do online, any, any [00:43:00] interaction that you have with a website, we'll call it we'll call it web 3.0, any interaction that you have on a website, whether you're purchasing stuff on like Amazon that's, that's a, metaverse, that's an online store that you're making purchases for.

[00:43:16] Instead of going to, a physical store. 74% of people surveyed have heard of the metaverse, which is nearly doubled from the year prior. And I think this is, this has to do with, Facebook rebranding itself to Meta they're. They're kind of doubling down on this, that same percentage also thinks that the metaverse is the future.

[00:43:36] And yet only 15% of those folks say they know what the metaverse is and can explain it to somebody else. So it's still a very new concept to people. And they're there. Everybody's chief concern with this right now is data protection and cyber bullying, for parents, since most of them considered a digital platform for socializing.

[00:43:58] Like I, I think I talked about in this [00:44:00] episode, like there's a poker game on the, that I play on the Oculus Quest 2 where I'm sitting down at a table with, with 6, 6, 7 other people shooting the shit and we're talking to each other, playing poker and it feels like you're actually there, you can sit there and you can call people, all sorts of weird names and, there's that opportunity for bullying and all that other stuff in there. And it's, it's just...

[00:44:25] WildTwinsFan: That's more of a social thing than it is playing poker. I mean, really, if you're really serious about poker, poker VR is not really probably your place, but it's fun. It's fun. You can't, you can't deny that it's not. 

[00:44:42] Daygon07: And especially in this COVID world where people might not want to go to the bar or go to these poker clubs and go play poker, sit next to these people who smoke and all this other stuff, but they want to, they still want to get that feeling of playing, playing the game.

[00:44:54] It's it's really awesome. So do I, do I see it as the future? [00:45:00] I think so is the future they're already, maybe, we talked about, we talked about like Ready Player One, like, is that, is that where, where we're in the infancy of going to. One thing I did find pretty surprising was the general acceptance of like NFTs non fungible tokens.

[00:45:22] When related to retail, 60% of those familiar with the metaverse think that brands should be making and selling digital products alongside physical goods, even with all the current volatility on anything, blockchain related, people still see the potential in metaverse, whatever it is for me, this is where I disagree.

[00:45:41] I think if brands are selling a physical product, they can sell a digital version, but it shouldn't be prioritized. I think artists should be heavy into NFTs as a way to keep their art in a condition that doesn't degrade over time. So, think Mona Lisa, but you never have to worry about the canvas and the paints breaking down, someone [00:46:00] touching it, kind of all that good stuff.

[00:46:02] I think that's a really great way for artists and photographers even to get their, get their stuff known and keep things. One of a kind, I think that's really awesome, but I don't think, I don't want to see Nike NFTs that are going for $700, $800 for a piece of a piece of digital art.

[00:46:20] That means absolutely nothing in, three to five years. 

[00:46:24] WildTwinsFan: I still have a hard time with MSTs and I guess I had a hard time with Bitcoin in the beginning, unfortunately, but who's to say I don't, I don't know. I it's, it's a gamble. Do you, do you want to gamble with your money? 

[00:46:38] Daygon07: We know somebody who did gamble and that brings us to our next follow-up that the hedge fund that was trying to bet one of them, one of the hedge funds that was betting against the game stock stock game stock stock, they are they're shutting down.

[00:46:57] So if you guys don't remember in 2021, a [00:47:00] remarkable financial story emerged from wall street, bets, Reddit, subreddit the one that saw rubber subreddits stunk memes, eventually turning it, turning into the GameStop stock surge. It was such a spike and cause such huge losses for some companies that the event has been the subject of a congressional hearing.

[00:47:19] Now, one of the hedge funds most impacted by GameStop surge and its value has told its investors it's shutting down. So that company is called Melvin capital, which is run by Gabe Plotkin and they were heavily invested in shortening GameStop stock among other theoretically similar stocks, such as AMC, but essentially betting that its share price would fall.

[00:47:42] As people moved away from brick and mortar retails. And then basically everybody on that sub Reddit. I told this company, fuck you. And then they skyrocketed their stock soared by more than 2400%. And Melvin capital [00:48:00] begin, 2021 with $12 billion in assets. By the end of January, it had lost 53% of its value.

[00:48:08] That's, that's a, that's, that's a fuck you. If I've ever heard one. 

[00:48:12] WildTwinsFan: Well, let's, let's put it out there to that. I don't know the GameStop and AMC and, and, and, and the any of the other ones that are kind of wrapped up in this stock market bullshit. I don't know, but that's done. And I think, I think we're going to still see some big fireworks of this deal, but this is good to see some of the bricks starting to crumble on some of the, the evil perpetrators of their the stunt and being called out by Reddit.

[00:48:41] Reddit just said, this is bullshit, and we're going to call you on it. And it's working. 

[00:48:49] Daygon07: Yeah. This, this reminds me of that scene in what was it? Fight club where what's his name? What's the main guy's name? 

[00:48:57] WildTwinsFan: Oh, it's too long for me. Brad pitt[00:49:00]

[00:49:00] Daygon07: Brad Pitt. There we go. We're were Brad Pitt was, was they, they got this guy in the bathroom and he was, he was saying, we're the people who pick up, pick up your trash.

[00:49:09] We're the people who do all the dirty work for you. We're the people who keep you safe at night. Do not fuck with us pretty much. Right. I'm paraphrasing. That's the same people that made the, the stock, the stock surge so much like we're we are gamers. We are we're people who enjoy this. Like we have expendable money, we're at that age where we grew up with GameStop, Do not fuck with us.

[00:49:36] That that's how I took it. 

[00:49:38] It's deeper than it's. It's far deeper than that, but yes. 

[00:49:43] To cap this, this topic off, basically they basically, Melvin capital reached out to the, the people that they're helping out with and they said that, Hey, we're going to return all of our money to you. We're going to get rid of all of our assets and we're shutting down.

[00:49:57] Hey guys, if you haven't already be sure to follow us on Twitter, [00:50:00] Facebook, and Instagram, so you can engage with us as well as find out when we're streaming the podcast and get a first listen before it goes out across all of your favorite podcasting platforms. So do it. 

[00:50:11] WildTwinsFan: So guys, you just got one question of the week this week.

[00:50:14] I think Day put this one out to me and he just wants to know, and same goes out to you guys. So hit us up on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok whatever. Just let us know if knowing now where you guys know. If you were to start your gaming streaming career over again, what's the one thing you'd do differently.

[00:50:35] And so you, you pose this to me Day, I'm going to let you tell me first. 

[00:50:40] Daygon07: So knowing what I know now, I would, I've been doing this since wow. 2017. I think I would, I would have been streaming across multiple platforms, to be honest. Putting all my eggs in the, in the Twitch basket.[00:51:00] Back then, that was like the surge of streaming. Like I got in, like right as the surge was starting, I had a buddy of mine, like, Hey, let's, let's, we, we play a lot of Call of Duty. We play a lot of zombies. I'm starting to stream. There's an opportunity to make money. I was like, all right, cool. I'll join in on it.

[00:51:15] I didn't have a PC at the time. I was streaming straight from my Xbox. That was a shitty experience. First of all, that's a shitty, that's a shitty viewer experience. Because as a streamer, if you want to see your chat, you have to pull it up on your phone. You can't, you you're focused in on your game. You can't look over on your phone.

[00:51:30] It's not as easy on you. Like as a PC, you can just glance over at another screen. There's no over there's no overlays. There's no interaction or anything. I would've, I would've done it. I would've started streaming on PC and streaming to multiple platforms. That's what I would have done. I think the big one, I think the main one though, the one thing that I would have done differently with streaming streaming across different platforms and building an audience on YouTube and Twitch.

[00:51:58] I don't know. I don't know if I don't [00:52:00] remember correctly. If YouTube had a streaming service back in 2017, I think, I think they had just started YouTube gaming back in 2017. I would have been one of the first creators on that platform and hopefully what he used that as a surge of growth. Yeah. That's, that's where I would've went with it.

[00:52:17] What about you? Wild? Yeah. 

[00:52:18] WildTwinsFan: So for me, I only started on PC and to be honest, I got streaming because my kids want to be, they want every kid, yes, kids today. They all want to be content creators. They want to be YouTubers. Right. And, and I've always said that that's not YouTubing and, and the video and the content is always the easy part.

[00:52:39] And for me, the thing I wish I had and I'm working on now is I wish I would've done more of the actual content creation because I think the content creation, your YouTube, your videos, that people can go back and see and and stuff. And now, now TikToks are our big one that, that really helps push your [00:53:00] brand.

[00:53:00] And that that's something that people can come by and see 24/7. And not just when you're live. So now instead of just working multiple platforms, which I wish I would've done more so in the beginning, there's also the point of, can you continue to build content while you livestream. And so I think that's a key piece.

[00:53:23] So for me, I wish I would have built more content on YouTube and Harris. Heller is real big about that. And it's like, because that content keeps working for you the entire time and day, your, your channel is still pretty small yet, but you have a fair bit of content up and you still find that that content keeps working for you over time.

[00:53:41] I think that's my big gap is I rely too much on streaming alone to be the thing. And it's really streaming is like the cream of the crop, right? That's like, it's almost a reward for being a good content creator, I think in some [00:54:00] ways, because if you're a good content creator, like you get to reap the rewards of that 24/7 with a good channel.

[00:54:07] And, and as a live streamer, you get to actively get out and engage your audience. And I think that's kind of a good thing. And it's hard for a lot of people. I see a lot of people take streaming really hard, and the content creators work really hard. And it's hard to, at least for me, I'm glad that I didn't rely on streaming as a, as a quit my job and go full-time streaming because, well, obviously it was small that wasn't going to work anyways, but there's a lot of people have done it even as kind of small creators.

[00:54:37] And it's hard to when you do that, because it ended up valuing your work based on how much money you're making. And that doesn't really those aren't equal equations. Especially because when you start something and guys, A Gaming Moment has so many ungodful hours behind the scenes of what you guys ever see, [00:55:00] such limited content, that it takes us a lot of work to get there.

[00:55:03] And a lot of, a lot of work behind the scenes that present the podcast, because ultimately we're a podcast. We're not as much a stream as although we do stream now. It's all those little pieces that really add up that that are a lot of work. And in my journey, I'm glad I've learned these things because now I can help my kids do this stuff.

[00:55:24] I can help my wife start making, short video content, TikToks, or whatever you want to call them YouTube shorts for our food channel. So, 

[00:55:36] Daygon07: Yeah that's a that's a damn good answer. Like, I, I have your sentiment, like, setting up a good YouTube channel to have that, good dedicated content before streaming.

[00:55:48] Like don't jump straight into streaming and they expect it to be successful. You need to build an audience before you actually start streaming. Otherwise, you're going to start streaming. You're going to stream to zero people [00:56:00] for months, and, and you're going to your, 

[00:56:04] WildTwinsFan: you can do that simultaneously, but don't the key piece for me is build that content.

[00:56:13] Daygon07: Yeah. And like, like Wildy said, we're, we're both doing that. , personally, you can check out Wild's YouTube channel. How many of you have videos? Do you have? I 

[00:56:21] WildTwinsFan: don't. I, my YouTube channels, not that not, I'm not building the content I need. I need to I have I have a list of videos that I got, I have the content to go up, but I it's hard.

[00:56:35] It's hard to get started. It's hard to get, I want to get a script. I want to get something down. That's reproducible. I have right now. That's not one. I have a Elgato light right here. Elgato key light mini. I want to do reviews on that. I got a couple of different lights here from Amazon, and I want to do reviews on these, but how do I quantify how good it is?

[00:56:58] And that's the hard part for [00:57:00] me getting the video out with a review. So I'm still working on it. And, and that's where I got to be better. 

[00:57:06] Daygon07: Wild. I'm going to, I'm going to tell you something that the CEO and founder of a very big YouTube channel that I follow. Think media, Sean Conell. Who's this.

[00:57:20] The, the, the most important thing that you can do is just hit record your yeah. Your video, and, and this goes out to everybody. The most important thing you can do when creating content or starting a stream is just hit record. You're not going to create your best content the first time. If you keep, if you keep procrastinating and waiting, oh, I want to, I want to change the scene or I don't have the right overlays or anything like that.

[00:57:43] You're going to keep saying that. You're never going to hit the record button, hit record, start, start making your mistakes. If you go look at some of my way earlier videos, shitty sound quality, shitty lighting, shitty content, all three.

[00:57:59] But I've [00:58:00] learned, you can see the progression throughout the years that I've, that I've been doing this shitty editing. I've started to learn editing a little bit better. I've started learning sound design a little bit better. I've started to learn , set design a little bit better, all that good stuff.

[00:58:13] And you only learn that by doing so. Just, just hit record, get it done. You don't have to, you don't have to create a script, just, create some talking points. 

[00:58:24] So that's going to be it for this episode, guys. I'm excited to see how YouTube is going to grow with these new features for streamers.

[00:58:30] And then the next episode, we'll talk about a new game. That's supposedly going to sweep the nation called Multiversus I've been seeing it kind of all over the internet and all over social media. So I'm kind of kind of curious, and it has a lot of my favorite characters from across multiple different things like that's owned by Warner brothers, like DC and Scooby-Doo and all sorts of good stuff.

[00:58:49] There's, there's all sorts of characters in there. So thank you guys for listening in consider a Patreon to support the podcast. And also by going to merch.agamingmoment.com and picking up some of that [00:59:00] sweet, sweet swag. Subscribe to us on your favorite podcasting platform and be sure to leave us a five star review of the podcast.

[00:59:06] Also check back weekly for the next episode. And until next time guys keep grinding.