Kasbh's Rant

Kasbh's Rant # 42 Poly Rush

May 30, 2021 Kasbh Inc Season 2 Episode 42
Kasbh's Rant
Kasbh's Rant # 42 Poly Rush
Show Notes

This week we talk all about the new trend to Jump from Swingers straight to Poly..  This show is not a negative about Poly.  The poly lifestyle is awesome.  This show is about people that do not take the true poly lifestyle seriously.  The jump to go straight to having a girl friend or boy friend without being prepared.  My point is about how you need to make sure your relationship is ready to handle THE RESPONSIBLITY of a Poly relationship.  Also, This week I talk about the Push, literally going "hunting" for a boyfriend or girl friend and the issues that come with it.  Take your time.  You are not in a rush!  I believe this week show is a must hear for newbies and experienced swingers alike!  

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