The Wheel

Spoke 112 Samhain with Lisa McSherry

October 23, 2022 Two Kentish Witches Season 3 Episode 112
The Wheel
Spoke 112 Samhain with Lisa McSherry
Show Notes

Hazel and Jenny reflect on Samhain and suggest some activities to mark this festival. Our special guest is Lisa McSherry who talks to us about her new book  'A Witch's Guide to Crafting Your Practice: Create a Magical Path that Works for You'

30 Days of Goddess – Molly Remer 
Womanrunes – Molly Remer
Glastonbury Goddess Temple
Chalice Well
White Springs
Glastonbury Tor
Pilgrims of the Goddess
Kent’s youngest ecosystem engineer welcomed to herd as first ‘Wilder Blean’ bison calf is born in the UK
Singing Over The Bones by Maria Ede-Weaving
Celebrating Samhain Article by Selena Fox

Lisa McSherry
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