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Episode 6 - Game development

August 12, 2020 QB64 Team Season 1 Episode 6
QB64 Report
Episode 6 - Game development
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Is it necessary to use a modern language to build an engaging game or can you do it with BASIC? In this episode, let's talk about game development; find out some interesting games written in QB64 and go over what it takes to be a game developer, with a suggestion on how to become more experienced with it.

Relevant links:
QB64.org/forum's Games board: https://www.qb64.org/forum/index.php?board=18.0
Stranger Things Retro Game: https://sites.google.com/view/astrangerthingsretrogame
486 The Game: https://486thegame.com/
The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack: https://int10h.org/oldschool-pc-fonts/fontlist/

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Game development