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Storytellers Telling Stories
S1: Ep.1 - The Beast - Kate Ristau
October 03, 2017 Jude Brewer

“The Beast” written and narrated by Kate Ristau.

Find more of Kate's writing at

Thank you to the following sound FX creators on thatjeffcarter, maxmakessounds, newagesoup, wjoojoo, gabrielaraujo, zagi2, RSilveira_88, omarstone, bradovic, Adam_N, mikeonfire99, Nightlife999, Remoz, shawshank73, killyourpepe, pierrecartoons1979, joe93barlow, Corsica_S, syrvive, cylon8472, TurtleLG, husky70, kmbetton

Also, thank you to whatever101335 on Youtube, and to the wonderful television show, He Man, for existing.

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