Ask a Ranger Podcast

The Den Owner's Association

December 01, 2019 Season 3 Episode 6
Ask a Ranger Podcast
The Den Owner's Association
Ask a Ranger Podcast
The Den Owner's Association
Dec 01, 2019 Season 3 Episode 6
Crystal Lloyd, Rebeccah Cope, Jacob Molina, Wesley Smith, Bianca Dubé, Ashley Martin, Leslie Meadows, Richard Smith, Bob Davies
Park staff check in with Den owners in the park
Show Notes

Ranger Crystal travels to Yates Mill, a Wake County Park, to help Rebeccah get things lined up for the annual Den Owners Association meeting. Listen in as they hike and canoe around Yates Mill and chat with everyone from otters to toads and squirrels to grumpy ole Walter, the groundhog. You will learn some interesting facts about many of the Yates Mill residents and concerns of den dwellers.

Thank you to our voice actors
Ranger Rebeccah: Rebeccah Cope, Ranger Crystal: Ranger Crystal Lloyd, Dodder the Otter: Jacob Molina, Benny the Beaver: Wesley Smith,Trill the Toad: Bianca Dubé, Wanda the Northern Water Snake: Ashley Martin, Phloe the Pileated Woodpecker: Leslie Meadows, Sammy the Squirrel: Richard Smith, Walter the Groundhog: Bob Davies, Quintin the Trapdoor Spider: Rebeccah Cope

Thank you to FreeSound contributors for the sound effects:
Knock 3x.aif by lth_stp, Bird in cage, flapping wings.wav by ShanayGroen, Woodpeckers Pecking 4.wav by Benboncan, watersmack.wav by tran5ient, 20100523.sitontop.canoe.wav by dobroide, PETTON_Youna_2016_2017_CreepyWhistling.aiff by univ_lyon3 

Photo by SBW


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