Books, Broken Bones, and a Hunger to Learn – Robert Muncaster Act 1
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Mojo for the Modern Man
Books, Broken Bones, and a Hunger to Learn – Robert Muncaster Act 1
May 03, 2022 Episode 77

For Robert Muncaster, the only requirement in a very free childhood was returning home after the streetlights came on.  He spent his first days in Ottawa, Ontario, soon moving across Canada to Vancouver, BC.  Robert shares his experience of flying down mountain trails on his bicycle, seeking challenges that included a hefty share of broken bones which proved, more than anything else, to be mere inconveniences.

With 26 corrective surgeries to his feet early in his primary school days, Robert took his education into his own hands.  In the first grade, he became a self-directed student, accelerating beyond his peers.  Facing boredom when he finally returned to school, Robert took on the role of class clown.  In his teens he began hanging with a few sketchy characters, eventually finding himself “on the wrong side of the law.”

In what he now sees clearly as a series of “great lessons,” Robert was removed from his parents’ home and placed in a foster program.

At 18, already having spent a year working in debt recovery, Robert – one of the hungriest learners I have ever met – was introduced to the world of personal development, and he quickly fell in love with growth and learning.

Robert closes Act 1 sharing one of his favorite stories from his years of working with folks who owe others money.

An entrepreneur who started early in business – selling chocolate bars outside banks and liquor stores as a 12-year-old – Robert Muncaster has spent the last 26 years in the Debt Collection Industry, including owning his own agency.  Robert has helped his clients recover millions of dollars while coaching consumers in difficult situations to conquer their challenges and move toward abundance with less stress. 

Utilizing this understanding of human behavior, he is now able to take his business experience to a personal level for people.  As an NLP trained coach, Robert has helped many people beyond being stuck so they can get onto a clear path toward thriving.

You can reach Robert at his website, and via email: