"Strictly For Research Purposes" with Jake Fishbein - Act 1
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Mojo for the Modern Man
"Strictly For Research Purposes" with Jake Fishbein - Act 1
Nov 01, 2022 Episode 97

A New Yorker hailing (originally) from Santa Fe, New Mexico, executive coach and men’s group leader Jake Fishbein shares his younger days as a Montessori student and explorer of the land.  He talks about his early connection to that land, and how New York is… different.

And walking on the concrete of the city rather than in connection with the Earth is where different begins. 

Jake unpacks some long-time influences, including a couple of translations of the Odyssey and the lessons they hold, then points his narrative lens at his experiences of leading Saturday services for nine months whilst preparing for his Bar Mitzvah. 

On a recent visit home, Jake found his D’var Torah – the talk centered on the Torah portion he read at his Bar Mitzvah – discovering that the topics he covered are still of interest, noting that he could have written a very similar piece today!

We dip into Jake’s work history, highlighting the growth he experienced as he did a reset after the challenges of his first post-university job.

At the tender age of 24, Jake joined a men’s group “strictly for research purposes.” (There’s more to that story!)  We look at worst fears, featuring a cameo of Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction”, before closing Act 1 with an instructive nod to vulnerability, truth, and authenticity. 

Jake’s wisdom and warm is palpable throughout, and we leave well-primed for Act 2! 

Jake Fishbein is an executive and personal coach who helps people and organizations make and navigate their most important decisions. He works with small business owners, mid-level executives, and runs men's groups. He's been helping men trust themselves, live authentically and vulnerably, and step into the arena in their personal and professional lives for over half a decade. Jake grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has somehow survived nine years in New York City as a die-hard Red Sox fan.


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