Finding, Losing - and Finding - Wisdom: In Conversation with Carlo Bos - part 2
Mojo for the Modern Man
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Mojo for the Modern Man
Finding, Losing - and Finding - Wisdom: In Conversation with Carlo Bos - part 2
Jun 22, 2021 Episode 45

In part 2, Carlo Bos opens with drawing a distinction between being led by wisdom rather than intellect, and how that distinction created an opening for his life to be “less of a march and more of a dance,” which, he notes, proved to be “…terrifying…  And way more fun!”

Carlo asks a wildly important question about the rules men make and live by and moves on to take a substantial, satisfying whack at personal responsibility.

We circle around to systems, interdependence, complexity – and the seductive, gravitational pull toward simplicity.

 Carlo leaves us with the wise words, “Spend time around kids!”

Since January 2018, Carlo has served as the Co-President of the Co-Active Training Institute and is a member of CTI’s Board of Directors.

Under Carlo’s co-leadership, CTI has gone through several transformations that have reshaped CTI’s brand, teams and strategy. These efforts have led to a more agile and profitable business that lives, breathes and experiments with Co-Active Leadership and principles every day.  His current priorities include developing sustainable governance structures and practices while ensuring equity, inclusion, diversity and accessibility are at the heart of CTI’s products, operations and people experience. 

Prior to leading CTI, Carlo spent 15 years working with business leaders from across five continents as an organizational consultant and coach.  He has worked with “High-Potential” leaders up to C- Suite executives, and in mid-sized organizations through to Tier 1, global brands.  

Carlo is a Board Trustee for a leading Canadian independent school, and a community volunteer with Scouts Canada and as a coach for youth soccer.  He lives just outside of Toronto, Ontario, with his wife and 11-year old twin boys.

You can find Carlo on LinkedIn and learn more about CTI here.