The Differences I Came With: Charles Sue-Wah-Sing - Act 1
Mojo for the Modern Man
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Mojo for the Modern Man
The Differences I Came With: Charles Sue-Wah-Sing - Act 1
Jul 13, 2021 Episode 48
Ken Mossman

Charles Sue-Wah-Sing identifies as a West Indian Canadian with ancestry from Guyana, Asia, Africa, and Europe.  "Man of the World" doesn't quite do him justice!

As a young teen, Charles built cultural connections over food and felt the impact of growing up in Toronto as part of an immigrant family.

Groomed by his father to move toward a career in accounting, he tells the story of a “trade off” that allowed him to follow his heart to design.  He became restless after a couple of decades and pivoted toward leadership and coaching.

Charles discusses the blessings that came to him in the form of several great teachers – and shares some of the essential lessons he learned, including planning for the care of family elders.

Charles Sue-Wah-Sing is a lifelong learner who has studied world religions, art, culture and ceremonial customs.  His interest in the dynamics between men and women led him to participate in and lead a variety of men’s groups.

Amongst his passions you'll find low and slow BBQ, hot sauce, action flicks, and music.  Charles has been a restauranteur, accountant, designer, consultant, and is currently a whole life coach.

His personal musical journey includes piano, DJ'ing, guitar, salsa dancing, and now learning the drums.  Of everything he’s done in his life, Charles' greatest gift is his family.

You can find out more about Charles at and on LinkedIn.