Profit Producer Podcast

Clarify Your Message With Dolores Hirschmann

September 30, 2020 DeKesha Williams Season 1 Episode 10
Profit Producer Podcast
Clarify Your Message With Dolores Hirschmann
Show Notes

Profit Producer Podcast - Episode 10

This is another episode of the Profit Producer Podcast, where we see the tough beginnings of successful entrepreneurs that made up their whole journey, hosted by our Virtual COO, DeKesha Williams. 

Today's guest is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, TEDx organizer, strategist, and coach. She helps clients CLARIFY their message, stand out in the market place, and grow their business. She is none other than Dolores G. Hirschmann. Today, she shares how she managed to get out from the cubicle she's at before and be able to find that clarity on what she's really good at and what she really wants to do.

For our profit-producing moment, she shares a clarity strategy that our listeners can utilize in their business and get immediate results. This is to work on your organic, human connection and commit to have one on one conversations with 3 or 5 people every day and guide them to have a consultation with you.

For more of Dolores' tips and advice, tune in and join us in this week's episode!



[10:08 -10:45]

“There's one thing I've done right consistently. I help people make sure they understand what it is that they are doing and gain clarity. I do it for ideas. I have to be in that place of being lost.. you can't say you're a clarity expert if you have not been confused.”


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