100 Years of Cox

S1E1: Porlock & 10 Edwardian siblings

June 12, 2020 Frances Season 1 Episode 1
100 Years of Cox
S1E1: Porlock & 10 Edwardian siblings
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Frances Thompson tells the story of ten siblings from the Machell Cox family, through the letters they wrote to each other. This is the first episode which sets out the background of the story which Frances tells through the podcast.

This is not fiction, but real life social history. The siblings were born in England between 1868 and 1884; seven of them lived in England and three lived abroad, in the British colonies. One of the siblings was the great grandfather of Frances.

There are 100s of letters, written by the ten siblings, starting in 1906; they comment on issues of the day, such as suffragettes and votes for women. The letters also include first hand accounts of moments in history; for example, the funeral procession of King Edward VII (including his little dog, Caesar). 

Intro - 00:00
The Machell Cox family - 3:56
Bernard begins, 19 September 1906 - 18:29
Arthur's letter, 4 September - 23:51
Vera's letter, 1 October - 37:10
Avice's letter, 7 October - 40:23
Enid's letter, 10 October - 44:38

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All content is subject to copyright and belongs to Frances Thompson and the Bodleian Library.

The Machell Cox family
Bernard begins, 19th September 1906, Threadneedle St
Arthur's letter 4th September
Vera's letter 1st October
Avice's letter 7th October
Enid's letter 10th October