Passive House Podcast

Karen Manson – Meta Architects

August 29, 2022 Matthew Cutler-Welsh and Zack Semke Season 3 Episode 102
Passive House Podcast
Karen Manson – Meta Architects
Show Notes

Cohost Matthew Cutler-Welsh interviews Karen Manson, Director of Meta Architects, a design-led practice in Christchurch specializing in high-performance building. Karen returned to New Zealand after gaining experience in a variety of projects in the UK. She completed Passive House training and established Meta Architects in 2015 and has recently been working alongside Pete Bielski of Ethos Homes (episode 13) to create Bushland Park, an inspiring community of passive house homes in an idyllic setting below the Port Hills of Canterbury. 

Matthew mentioned the Skagen project in Coquitlam:

Cohost Zack Semke mentioned two Passive House-related stories by PBS Rocky Mountain:
Colorado Voices: Building Back Better after the Marshall Fire:
Tour Colorado's First Passive House:
And here's a link to Andrew Michler's book, "Hyperlocalization of Architecture":

Here's the link to Passive House Accelerator's upcoming launch of a new season of Passive House Accelerator LIVE!, to be held on September 7: 

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