Make Your Wedding a Highlight

Your Best Yes At Watercolor Inn & Resort

March 03, 2021 Season 2 Episode 6
Make Your Wedding a Highlight
Your Best Yes At Watercolor Inn & Resort
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There are just some venues that are indescribably beautiful. Each moment captured is picture perfect wherever you are at the location. Watercolor Inn & Resorts is one of those venues. This week, DJ Josh from Highlight Weddings & Events got to sit down with Holly Odom, the Wedding Sales and Service Manager there to share more about what makes Watercolor so special. Spoiler alert: it's not JUST the picturesque backdrop they have. The culture there is one that will find a way to make your time there the end all be all. And, the staff isn't just focused on your wedding date or the time you stay. The entire wedding planning experience is an opportunity for them to make sure that everything you can possibly imagine is taken care of.

Holly knows this because she has been a part of Watercolor for almost 8 years and she's held different positions on the different teams the resort has there before finally arriving at her dream job. She also gives prospective couples a few things to expect when booking your wedding at Watercolor, what the wedding team has in store for the future, and the fun, personal questions you've come to expect if you've listened to this podcast for any link of time. Thanks for being a guest, Holly!

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DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:00:00] This is Season 2 Episode 6 of Make Your Wedding a Highlight. My name is DJ Josh from Highlight Weddings and Events. My guest today is Holly Odom, the Wedding Sales and Service Manager from Watercolor Inn and Resort.

Well, hello everyone. Thanks again for checking out the podcast. Again, my name is DJ Josh from Highlight Weddings and Events, and I have an awesome guest today. Her name is Holly Odom, the Wedding Sales and Service Manager from Watercolor Inn and Resort. How are you doing today, Holly? 

Holly Odom: [00:00:43] I'm doing great. And I'm just so happy to be with you today on this podcast.

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:00:48] I'm happy to have you. And the cool thing about our story is that you were the first person to refer a bride to me after I started Highlight Weddings and Events way back in February of last year, I think. Wasn't it? 

Holly Odom: [00:01:04] Yes. Yes it was, cause it was after our big December wedding of 2019, that feels like ages ago. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:01:09] It does. 2020 is the shortest longest year ever. It is mind blowing. How a period of time can feel both incredibly long, but super fast all at the same time. 

Holly Odom: [00:01:26] I do feel like we're still processing last March and March is literally weeks away. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:01:33] Yes. Yes, it is. So would you mind introducing yourself to the listeners? Kind of tell everyone how you got here as the  Wedding Sales and Service Manager at Watercolor Inn and Resort.

Holly Odom: [00:01:46] Yes, absolutely. So I work at Watercolor. I've been with Watercolor since 2014, July, 2014. And so I actually started as a server working the weddings. Just as a side job with my regular job. And while I was going to school at Northwest Florida in this area, and I just fell in love with it. 

I fell in love with events. I fell in love with being a part of someone's most important day. Everyone between the vendors and all of us staff, it's mostly good vibes. Everyone's positive. The guests, they're all happy because it's a celebration. And then when there's an open bar, everyone's even more happy. It was just I fell into it, and I started wanting to learn more with weddings, like more about the event I grew and started are attending for the weddings.

And then I fell in love with the culture as well at Watercolor and with St. Joe. And weddings, I always say we're slow during the months that start with J: January, June, and July, because it's our coldest month and then also our hottest ones. And so for those time periods, I had to find something else with St. Joe to do while weddings were slow. 

So I started working at some of the other restaurants with the company. I then wanted to grow and stretch myself a little bit more, so I started working at the front desk at Watercolor. I figured out pretty quickly that that was not for me, that food and beverage and weddings and events was where my heart and soul was. But I just couldn't figure out how to get into and become a weddings manager because there's so many people that want to do events that think that events are so great. And it seems like a dream job, but actually getting in and getting your foot in the door was, was really hard. 

So what I did is I actually started applying for some other jobs within the company. And eventually two years after I first started, maybe two and a half, I got a job in our human resources department. So I was the organizational excellence coordinator for St. Joe Club and Resorts at the time. And I did the new hire orientations for the company. So still selling an experience. It just was, instead of weddings, I was selling a career and a lifestyle being a part of the St. Joe culture instead. I really enjoyed that and was able to learn so much more. 

Was able to respect other positions. Because same with from serving to front desk to HR, a server thinks that a front desk person stands and answers the phone. Thinks that HR just fires and hires people like a front desk agent might think that servers, bartenders, I don't know what they thought we did, but you know, you don't have as much of a respect for other positions until you're actually in those positions. 

Because I did think starting from food and beverage, going to lodging, I thought that it was going to be a breeze. I didn't realize how much they carry on them and with them on a day-to-day basis. And same with HR, like I have such a respect for everyone in your human resources departments, and maybe ours is a little bit different, but it was different than what I originally thought. 

And then with the company growing, I was actually moved to the golf courses. So the private clubs at St. Joe Club & Resorts, Watersound Beach Club, Camp Creek Golf Course, and Shark's Tooth Golf Club. I was moved over to that side of the company as a Club Services Guest Supervisor. 

Until our weddings team started looking for a new weddings manager. They had remembered me from working so many years with them, I continued with the company, and was actually reached out to to apply for the intimate weddings position, which obviously I was exstatic because that's all I ever really, truly wanted to do. And I just waited, bought time until I got that call. 

And then I applied and I received that position in 2018. Then within a year of that, I was moved up into a wedding sales and service position that was for the big weddings. So those weddings that are 50 and over. And so that's how I am where I am today from 2014, all the way to 2021.

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:06:08] Okay. To me, it sounds like you've been able to really get an idea of what Watercolor Inn and Resort's culture is just because you've been able to see the different roles at the resort; interact with not only the employees, but also the customers as well. 

Holly Odom: [00:06:27] Yeah. It was a fun ride and I'm so, so thankful and so blessed to have been able to be a part of it.

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:06:32] Okay. So if you could boil down what Watercolor's event philosophy is, how would you describe it to a prospective couple? 

Holly Odom: [00:06:44] It is all about the experience from the time that you arrive for that first site tour, until you have your planning day, all the way through until you have your grant exit. It's all about the experience with your Watercolor coordinator, with your Watercolor banquet staff.

Your servers and bartenders, and even your culinary staff, a lot of people assume that because they're booking with Watercolor that the same front of house and back of house staff that is that Fish Out of Water or is that the Beach Club is serving them at their wedding and it's actually a little bit different.

We have our own staff that have been doing banquets for years and years. Some people that are on the banquets team was on the banquets team when I started in 2014. It's just a little bit different. They know that it's not just an afternoon brunch. This is Karen and Johnny's big day. So it's all about the experience. And we're able to do that with our team. That is sold on that idea. And that has been a part of that culture from day one, starting 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:07:50] And you've touched on this slightly when we were talking earlier, what excites you about being a part of the wedding event team? 

Holly Odom: [00:07:57] Honestly, it sounds bad, but we're so spoiled. We're spoiled in the area that we live. We're spoiled on 30A because the spaces are gorgeous. Even if it's not just Watercolor if it's Rosemary or Alys or Seaside, the spaces and where we're at is just so beautiful. We have so many spaces to pick from, for brides. Being able to be a part of the couple's big day, that how I originally fell in love with it as a server. And as a Wedding Sales and Service Manager, I'm able to be a part of it in a different way, a bigger way. And so that's what excites me most. 

And even when I get bogged down with all of the office work and the other side and the billing, once I get to wedding day it makes it all real again. And it makes me realize why I'm doing this. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:08:44] Yeah, it's very cool to be a part of it and watch everything come together like you planned it. Even though sometimes when the wedding happens, things have to change, but just seeing all the effort and the work come to fruition and culminate in a couple's big day, and it embodies everything that they hoped and dreamed it would be. 

Holly Odom: [00:09:08] Mmhmm. Absolutely. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:09:09] How does the staff at Watercolor help make a couple's big day a highlight?

Holly Odom: [00:09:14] They make you feel like that this is your end all be all on that day. Anything that you need, it's not, "Well, that's actually not what my department is," or "That's not what we do," or "We can't do that." It' "Yes. Let me figure out, I will be right back with that. If not, I'll do this for you." 

We're not a no type of place. We figure out a yes somehow and it might be a little bit different, but we're going to get you a yes if you know what I mean. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:09:40] Yeah, totally. 

Holly Odom: [00:09:41] But, we're given that power to be able to do that. Our staff is able to do that. Wedding Sales and Service Managers are able to do that because we're supported that way. And that's why I feel like we're a little bit different than the rest, because for example. I had a wedding, a couple of weekends back. All the kids were going to be leaving after ceremony and go home with their babysitter. And we are in cocktail hour and the kiddos are all still there. And the grandmother of the bride comes and she says, "Holly, the kids just don't want to leave. They want to stay the weather's beautiful. They want to dance." And, you know, at that point, how disheartening would a "No. We actually don't have the food. We don't." How disheartening would that be? But I was able to say, "Okay, we can handle it. Just give me a little bit. It might be a little bit later when they receive a meal, but I'm going to go over to Fish Out of Water and I'll go grab them to go meals.

And that, again, just being supported by a full culture and a big property, because other places and other venues where you just rent out the venue, if they don't have those resources and they're not able to do those things. And we do have that backup. So again, we're a little bit spoiled and our brides and grooms are a little bit spoiled by a Watercolor 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:10:54] yeah. And that's actually something I really appreciate about Watercolor as a whole property. There are so many unique backdrops and different venues where you can accommodate a fairly wide array of tastes or styles. You can obviously have a ceremony on the beach. There's also the Lawn. And then there's the Lake House on the North side of the property. That to me is just so aesthetically pleasing. If you've never seen any pictures of it, go Google "Lake House Watercolor Inn and Resort." Your jaw will be on the floor. Cause it's just that amazing. And it's on the lake and there's even another green that you can have a ceremony right next to it too. And there's also ballroom as well inside if that is what a couple is looking for. It's very modular. And you can do your rehearsal dinner at Fish Out of Water if you wanted.

Holly Odom: [00:11:48] Yeah, absolutely. And then you can do a welcome bonfire on the beach. You can do additional golf for the groomsmen on the day of the wedding. Because we all know that it doesn't take the guys as long to get ready as it does the girls. So we need to keep them busy.

And then St. Joe actually just opened up The Powder Room, which is an indoor shooting range and simulator that is right on the other side of Shark's Tooth before you get to Pier Park. So just one more thing for the groomsmen to be able to do while they're waiting to get ready. But yeah.  St. Joe just has so many different things that we're able to offer to our couples.

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:12:25] Yeah. And I mean, Watercolor's location on 30A is pretty convenient to most of the different places. If they wanted to go on like an excursion or go ride bikes and stuff like that. Are there any new things that the Weddings Team has coming up on the horizon? 

Holly Odom: [00:12:41] Yes. Starting September 1st of 2020, we will no longer have our beachside venue. So we won't have the Watercolor Inn Green, our large lawn space at the Inn. So we have some other things, possibly some new venue sites for Watercolor because we are on 500 beautiful acres. And right now the Lakeside has so many different venues. We have Cerrulean Park. We have Marina park, we have Western Lake park and then we have the Boat House and the Lake House

But we never want to make a bride feel like it's not just her day. So we'd never put events right on top of each other, like one at the Lake House and one of theBoat House. So with so much space, we're starting to look into some other spaces that are in that 500 acres, because there are plenty to replace and spruce up what the Inn Green was doing for us over at the Inn.

And then also with things being over at the Inn, you have all of your Inn guests that want to be a part of, and cheer because you can see reception space from the, Inn Green to Fish Out of Water, the board walk to the beach. So we are excited for the new sites that we're going to be doing that are going to be a little bit better than what we had before.

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:13:56] Yeah. I can see how going in a different direction as far as venue space. It would make it more secluded, intimate, more of a private affair versus how it's set up right now, not to say that the Green is not an amazing place to have a reception, but I can understand why you all would be considering different options.

Holly Odom: [00:14:15] Cause we can always do better. And once we stop doing that and that's when people aren't going to be coming to Watercolor anymore. But for right now, that is where we're at. That's who we are that we can always do something better. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:14:25] Specifically to weddings, what are some things that couples should be aware about when considering booking at Watercolor for their wedding day?

Holly Odom: [00:14:35] So, Watercolor does require you to use three of our things, and that is food and beverage, which you're already actually included in the package. So in our package, you have the four hour open bar, a full liquor bar. And you have all of your food and wedding cake included. We just ask that you still utilize all of that through us, but then the third thing, and the biggest thing is floral and event design. 

So we have four amazing florists that we work with on a day-to-day basis. And we do require that you use one of our floors. So that is something that a lot of couples are really surprised by. Not that we require them to use one of our florists, but that floral and event design is not just flowers. Your florist does linens, your lighting, any of your decor from ceremony to reception. Any of those beautiful lounges that you see in the wedding magazines, all of that stuff goes into your floral and event design.

And so floral can average $100 to $150 per person. Now, obviously that's going to depend on the couple's needs and wants because that can fluctuate, but that's a big thing of what watercolor requires. And there are other places along 30A and in this area that require the same thing.

But that is just something that I always like to touch on and talk with the bride and groom, just because it's something that we require. So we want them to be a hundred percent comfortable with that. And in love with their florists before signing with Watercolor.. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:16:10] The different teams that you have that work there do amazing work. And I was going to bring up the fact that just because florals is the first part of the floral event design, it's not just flowers. Really the, overall aesthetic for the event. 

Holly Odom: [00:16:24] Yes. Cause we just get that beautiful blank canvas, but it as a blank canvas and they're the ones that come in and make you reshare and repost those wedding pictures and really make you come to Watercolor because those are the pictures.

Those pictures are the ones that you see, and you're like, "Okay. I have to tour here." 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:16:42] Yeah. The events that I've had the privilege of being involved at Watercolor, those are some of the prettiest ones that I can recall. It's just amazing not only having watercolor as the backdrop, but how you can change the same space and make it look completely different and unique based on what the couple's looking for.

All right. So since we did touch on COVID-19 earlier, I figured we would just discuss it briefly. How has your experience been going through 2020 and even into now in terms of COVID-19? How has it impacted you and how has it impacted Watercolor as a whole? 

Holly Odom: [00:17:23] That's a really good question. So for me personally, during spring of last year when we had to start canceling, shutting down. Uh, yeah, it was a little bit of a spiral it was a lot for everybody, no matter who they were, where they're at. I mean, it affected the entire world. But for me personally, our company was able to pay everyone for that first month that everything happened. Some of our teams were working remotely and from home like ourselves, but for all of the other staff, they were able to be paid for an entire month.

After that point, when we realized that this wasn't going away, like we all thought, there were some furloughs and some things that happened. But even though we weren't doing weddings after a few weeks, I was able to come back, not as a wedding sales and service manager, but as an employee at the Watercolor Beach Club for that grand opening.

So I went back to my roots and bartended for four to five months from that spring break to summer time. A little bit farther. And until we started doing weddings again, so very, very blessed and fortunate that I'm part of the company that I was able to do that and just wear a different hat. And that actually happened with one of our other sales managers that does corporate groups was able to work with our housekeeping team because he had some background in that.

We all figured out ways to do what we needed to do and survive. And we figured out a little bit more about ourselves. And then as a company, I'm sure it was hard. Like the person that called and told me that I was going on furlough for a little bit. I reached back out to them afterwards. And I said, I know it was hard to be on my side of the phone, but I know it was hard being on your side of the other line too. Cause no one wants to have to be on either side of that. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:19:13] Right. 

Holly Odom: [00:19:14] Yeah. A lot of leaders had to do some things that none of them ever thought they would have to because of everything that was happening. But I feel like our company has bounced back pretty well. Just considering there were so many other places international travels shut down. There's some other States. Still in the United States that people aren't able to travel too. People aren't traveling as much down South. So we really, after Memorial day weekend, we didn't slow down until partway through January because people were still coming here. Atlanta, Nashville, Texas, those types of places, they can drive to us.

And then also, kids weren't going back to school. And a lot of parents and others were working remotely. So people were able to work where they vacation and we felt that. We really didn't get  too much for a break for this upcoming spring break. So I do feel like the company was able to bounce back pretty greatly.

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:20:08] Well, that's awesome. It's good that specifically for Watercolor Inn and Resort that you offer more than just weddings. So the diversification of what y'all do helps the cushion the blow of having either postponements or cancellations in terms of wedding events. 

Well, thank you for sharing with me about Holly, the professional. Would you mind answering a few personal questions? 

Holly Odom: [00:20:32] I would not mind at all. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:20:34] Okay. Well, the first one is my favorite. What did you want to be when you grew up? 

Holly Odom: [00:20:38] I actually wanted to be a teacher. Yeah. I'm from a family that has been in education and that's what I want him to be. I grew up on Ponce de Leon, Florida. So I grew up in a very small, close-knit community. So I think that contributed to that a little bit, too. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:20:55] What level did you want to teach at? 

Holly Odom: [00:20:57] Um, I wanted to teach middle school. Back when middle schoolers were able to be middle schoolers, though, it would probably be a little bit different in the world we live in.

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:21:06] Yeah. I actually ran into one of my favorite middle school teachers yesterday. We both go to the same church. He has since become a principal at an elementary school that I used to go to and he is retiring. So I'm like, "Wow." It made me feel a little old because he said he'd been teaching for 35 years and I haven't been in middle school since like the early nineties. Uh, so I kind of felt just a little old there, but that's how life is unfortunately. 

Holly Odom: [00:21:40] It's starting to catch up on some of us that we weren't on that side yet. Like I, you know, a few years back. Probably five, six years back. I was babysitting some kids from Watercolor, and we were actually riding over to the Beach Club, so they were in my car. And they're like, "Holly, what's this? What does this do?" And I looked back and in that car, I didn't have the automatic press the button, roll down windows. I had the good old, you roll it down. And I was like "No. It's finally happening to me." 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:22:16] Oh wow. That's one of my favorite things on YouTube is when they share like old things, will I use old as a loose term, but old things or things that teenagers are not familiar with and ask them to try and figure out how they work and what they do.

You can tell some of the ones that either have older siblings or they've just experienced it, but it's funny to get the reaction from the kids as to like when the reveal happens and it's explained what it is just cause it's interesting not having that kind of context or understanding, "Oh yeah, this is how it's always worked. This is, it makes sense" kind of thing. 

So what would you consider your happy place? 

Holly Odom: [00:23:00] Funny enough home. But I was born and raised in Ponce de Leon,Florida. So I actually still live here. My family has a pretty good little bit of land up here and have some cattle. And this is actually where my husband and I have decided to build as well. So I live closer to the Alabama state line than I do to the beaches. But it's about a 50 minute drive, but it's still fine for me. I honestly get the best of both worlds. I get the beautiful beaches that people come from all over to see, but I also get a little bit of home and the woods and being on the ranch. And during COVID, I kept on thinking like how thankful I was to be able to go outside and walk and be outside when other people weren't. I can't imagine being in New York City and being cooped up in a small, tiny apartment.

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:23:49] Right. It was interesting when we were on quarantine. I just started kind of walking a lot, like going on like 30 minute walks or something just to get out of the house. And there were other people who lived in different areas who were like, "Yeah, we haven't left the house legitimately in weeks." And I'm like, "I could not imagine living in that kind of environment where you're just stuck."

Holly Odom: [00:24:11] No, no. And that's what the part, like I was already going crazy inside just being here. So I cannot imagine looking at the same. Yeah. It's so sad. It's so sad. But I feel like too, that families were able to be closer to get closer to be closer. And so there are some positives. I feel like a lot of people also were able to reevaluate and realize what the more important things are because you can be replaced at work. It might take two people to replace you, but you can't ever be replaced at home. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:24:44] Very, very true. The experience that we've been through this past year is definitely reoriented a lot of priorities and just kind of given people clarity on what's important to them. So what is a must-do on 30A for someone who's never been there before? 

Holly Odom: [00:25:02] Ooh. A good must-do.Um. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:25:05] And if you have more than one, feel free to throw them out because when people go to vacation, they're obviously they're usually there for a few days or a week or more. 

Holly Odom: [00:25:14] So, I mean, obviously the beach, that's why everyone comes. But if you're one of those lucky enough to stay at Watercolor, a lot of people don't realize that in the heart of the community contained in our 500 acres, but in the last couple of years, St.

Joe has finished up Camp Watercolor. Which has and boasts a lazy river, two huge pools with water slides and then of course, food and beverage, bar, water slide even for the adults. But a lot of people don't realize that we have that little water park in Watercolor.

 Some other things. We have amazing restaurants. I personally loved Shunk Gulley oyster bar. That's amazing. And then also Blue Mabel is a wonderful place to eat. My husband and I are local and they've been open for a very long time. And we were able to go a couple of times in January, just because any other time it is packed and you can't get in. So those are two great places to go and eat as well.

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:26:11] What kind of restaurant is Blue Mabel?

Holly Odom: [00:26:13] So, Blue Mabel, It's like a coastal spin on Southern favorites. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:26:18] Mm, that sounds amazing. I may have to take my wife there at some point. 

Holly Odom: [00:26:24] Yes, it's so good. And they have an amazing brunch and endless mimosa that you can do. And then go to the beach and have dinner at Shunk Gulley. Because Shunk Gulley has some great live music and really really good drinks. And of course, oysters. I love oysters. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:26:40] See. I'm not a big oyster fan, but I didn't grow up on seafood. Seafood when I was a kid was fish sticks. The funny thing is, is it usually was fish sticks, Mac and cheese, and then some vegetable, maybe like carrots or broccoli. And legitimately, that was my favorite meal when I was growing up.

And the only reason why my mom would go with those for dinner is because she really didn't feel like cooking and cause fish sticks she'd just throw in the oven and then Mac and cheese. Put it in the pot and there's not much to it. But yeah, that was my favorite meal. We didn't really do fish cause I'm the oldest of eight and my dad was a Tech Sergeant in the Air Force. So we didn't have a lot of money. But no, I just, the texture. I'm a very texture oriented eater and the texture of oysters is just not my thing. I realize that some people are like, "Oh, these are amazing," but no, that's just not my bag. 

Holly Odom: [00:27:39] You're not in the middle. You're one way or the other one. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:27:43] Yeah, you either love 'em or you could live without them.

Okay. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why? 

Holly Odom: [00:27:53] Oh, that's a hard one. Um. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:27:56] And it can't be home you have to go somewhere else. 

Holly Odom: [00:27:59] I'm such a homebody. You had to go ahead and take that one out. Um,  what would your answer be to that one? 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:28:05] My answer. I wouldn't want to go to the Swiss Alps because I love snowboarding and I actually haven't been at longer than I would like, obviously, because I live in Florida now. I was stationed in Germany and also near Seattle, so I would go snowboarding once a week when I was in Germany and probably once every other week when I was in Seattle, but the Alps are great. Cause there are multiple Locations, you can get to pretty easily. 

And the food is amazing. I love German food, like Jaeger schnitzel, Wienerschnitzel, like all the schnitzels and black forest cake. And just so good. Not good for you necessarily that you'll put off some weight. But, it definitely tastes better, at least better than oysters in my opinion. 

Holly Odom: [00:28:49] It's like any good soul food. It's good for the soul.

Yeah. It's good for that part of you. Okay. So I would Scottland, actually. I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to Scotland and it's because my grandmother and I was raised mostly by my grandmother. So I got that touch with just a little bit of old-school loving and not so much loving. But, yeah. And so because of her heritage, that I think that's where I would go.

But home is, yeah. I'm glad that you went ahead and took that 

one out. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:29:25] What would you do in Scotland? 

Holly Odom: [00:29:26] I fell in love with the Outlander series on Netflix, so I would go and explore the Highlands. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:29:33] Okay. You're like the third or fourth person who's mentioned that series and my wife and I have not watched that yet. So, we might need to add that to our Netflix queue. 

Holly Odom: [00:29:43] Honestly, it's like with anything it's like with life nowadays, like some parts that you can't look into be into as much, but for most of it, I love it. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:29:51] Okay. Well, if a couple is listening to the podcast right now and they would like to get in touch with you to find out more about Watercolor Inn and Resort and everything that it can provide for their big day, what's the best way for them to find out more information? 

Holly Odom: [00:30:06] The best way for them to actually go to [email protected] And that is just because there's times when I'm not in the office, as well as my Senior Weddings Manager, Cheryl Walton, but not in the office. So if you reach out to that email, then you're bound to get one of us on the team, even if it's somebody from groups. Just so we can get, you started with some information. And so you can get someone no matter who's in production. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:30:33] Is there anything you would like to leave the listeners of the podcast with before we wrap it up? 

Holly Odom: [00:30:38] You have enough time. Don't be stressed, especially if you have a planner or if you book somewhere like watercolor or somewhere that offers a package, we have that for you. And we also have people. Like Josh, we have a list of people, everything from your DJ to photographer, to somebody to steam your wedding gown, to grand exit vehicles. So don't stress. I think that's the biggest thing because people do get stressed. If they're like,  "I only have eight months to plan," or "I only have a year to plan." 

But, for example, the one that me and you did in December of 2019, they by chance just walked on property and wanted to see somebody in October of 2019. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:31:21] So crazy. 

Holly Odom: [00:31:22] And were like, "We're getting married and we need to place. Do y'all do weddings?" Or "We know you do weddings, but we want to go ahead and book." And we're like, "For when?" They're like "December." "December 2020?" "No. 2019." And so they were married the first weekend of December. And that was a 200 person wedding. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:31:40] Oh, it was so many people. That was a great time though. It was an awesome time. 

Holly Odom: [00:31:45] And they had plenty. I mean, we were a little bit more rushed. Don't wait two months out and show up. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:31:49] Right. 

Holly Odom: [00:31:50] But you have time. You have time. You have time. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:31:53] Yeah. I will echo you when you say there are awesome wedding professionals in this area. So you will be taken care of, regardless of when your date is. I will say that I've noticed that the booking horizon has kind of extended because of what happened last year. Brides are starting to reach out earlier than usual in relation to their wedding date.

Well, Holly, thanks for coming on the podcast. Did you have a good experience? 

Holly Odom: [00:32:21] I did. And I just appreciate you letting me, I can be a little corny at times. I'm just kidding, but so thank you so much for having me. But I did. I'm happy that I was able to do it. 

DJ Josh Woeckener: [00:32:32] Well, me, too. Here's to all the couples that are in the middle of planning their weddings. And here's to making those weddings a highlight.