The Coaster101 Podcast

Shane's Going to IAAPA...and he has Questions.

November 15, 2021 Coaster101
The Coaster101 Podcast
Shane's Going to IAAPA...and he has Questions.
Show Notes

Happy IAAPA Week! We've got a shorter "regular" show this week, because the week is chock full of content coming to, our social media feeds, and most importantly, your podcast feed! While we won't be on the show floor during the majority of the week of the Expo, C101 writer Shane is attending his first ever IAAPA expo, and had questions for Andrew, who attended the show in 2017 and 2019.

What should Shane expect? How's he going to feel? What can he do to prepare? Is he going to survive solely on BeaverTails and Dippin' Dots for a day? All this and more!

This is the first of five episodes that will drop in your feed this week surrounding the IAAPA Expo. Stay tuned for interviews with Extreme Engineering (Monday), Give Kids The World (Tuesday), Zamperla (Wednesday), and Falcon's Creative Group (Thursday!)

For an IAAPA Survival Guide, check out this article on Attraction Pros!

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