Two Lit Mamas

Episode 53: Historical Hayride

September 14, 2022 First Circle Press
Two Lit Mamas
Episode 53: Historical Hayride
Show Notes

The Mamas are dreaming of hot cider, apple pie and cool nights so join them on an historical hayride as they travel back in time to the not-so distant past (Can the 70s really be considered historical fiction?!?) and fall in love with fantastic, new historical fiction for Middle Graders (ages 8-12).

Book Chat:

Yonder by Ali Standish

Show Me A Sign by Ann Clare LeZotte


Pick 6: More Great Historical Fiction for MG

1.     Daring Darleen: Queen of the Screen by Anne Nesbet

2.     Cookies & Milk by Shawn Amos

3.     Pies from Nowhere by Dee Romito

4.     Marika Marches for Equality by Salima Alikhan, Andrea Rossetto 

5.     Escape from East Berlin by Andy Marino

6.     Escape from Chernobyl by Andy Marino