Ballet Taboo - Periods

December 08, 2022 Makeshift Company Season 5 Episode 1
Ballet Taboo - Periods
Show Notes

Welcome to our new mini series! We’re talking about things that historically have been taboo to discuss in ballet.

In episode one, host Emma Lister is joined by series co-host Amy Drew,  they dissect what’s taboo about menstrual cycles in the context of ballet and get great advice and information from Dr Nicky Keay, Dr Stephanie Potreck and Julianne Rice-Oxley. We're talking heavy periods, missing periods, nutrition, cycle tracking, perimenopause and hormonal birth control.

Even if you’re not a dancer who has periods, we know you have a friend, partner, coworker, sibling, parent or dance teacher who does. This is essential listening to start reframing how we talk, train and feel about menstrual cycle—from day one to menopause.


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