The MaxChat Fragrance Podcast

Season 4 - Episode 3: Perfume Raw Materials/Sourcing with – Dominique Roques

June 08, 2023 Max Forti Season 4 Episode 3
The MaxChat Fragrance Podcast
Season 4 - Episode 3: Perfume Raw Materials/Sourcing with – Dominique Roques
Show Notes

In this episode a topic that is generally ignored but should most definitely be taken seriously. I had the pleasure to meet Roques in Oman and discover his incredible role and work in sourcing of ingredients in a very diligent and sustainable manner for the past thirty-plus years.
Dominique Roques has been sourcing essences and extracts for the perfume industry for over thirty years. He was the head of sourcing at Firmenich, a leading developer of perfumes for the world's top fragrance luxury brands. He lives in Paris, France.
Dominique has written incredible books on this subject, including the latest:
In Search of Perfumes: A Lifetime Journey to the Source of Nature's Scents 
Which I highly recommend for those that want to learn the ins/outs of the fragrance sourcing industry - In this intoxicating concoction of history, travelogue, and memoir, one of the perfume industry’s leading scouts of natural ingredients tells the story of the precious ingredients needed to make the fragrances we cherish and love...

·       In search of fine raw ingredients for fragrance making

·       How has the industry changed over the years

·       How he became a raw-material provider/purchaser 

·       Discovering countries and their marvelous materials 

·       The magic of perfume materials: Benzoin/Oud  

·       Favorite perfume notes and upcoming perfume trends 

·       Favorite Fragrances to wear

·       Most expensive PURE raw materials 

·       Where are the materials ‘’really’’ coming from? 

 ·       The proverbial argument - Natural vs Synthetics  

 ·       Upcoming ‘’new compounds’’ and new created/developed notes 

·       The never-ending competition of the juggernaut leading companies 

·       Aware/educated consumers pushes the industry for quality 

·       Banned products (what’s the ‘’REAL’’ reason?) 

·       Untapped materials – have we discovered and exhausted all palettes? 

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