Co-Parenting; Your Thrive Guide

10 Things To Do When Everything is Falling Apart

September 27, 2021 Deborah Lenee Season 3 Episode 4
Co-Parenting; Your Thrive Guide
10 Things To Do When Everything is Falling Apart
Show Notes

1. Take a break/Don’t be afraid to feel it/Write it out - Things have a way of working themselves out and once we lean into “letting go” typically things will work out.  If you can write out what you are feeling when the world that's crumbling around you, this excercise will help you refocus and you will have a clearer picture of what's going on. Once you do, you can reassess the situation and figure out the best course of action.

2. Get support - Don't hesitate in asking for help, this means having to put your ego aside. Whether if it's getting some outside therapy, asking advice, having a friend to vent to, or just being around someone who's upbeat. Having a strong and positive support system is one of the best ways to feel positive and happy again.  Studies have shown that positivity is contagious. So, make sure that your support system is optimistic and positive because these attributes will  lift your spirits.  At the same time, your support system needs to also include people who are honest - even if they can be harsh sometime. 

3. Attempt something new/declutter -  Changing things up or declutter will spark motivation and move you out of your comfort zone.  Science has actually proven that when we try something new it triggers certain parts of our brain and releases the motivation chemical dopamine.

4. Make your goals visible/visualize your best day -  Make your goals visible so you visually see what you're working toward and figure out how you'll achieve it. Writing down your goals also help you focus, train your brain to be more proactive, and it gives you peace of mind.

5. Focus on small things first -When your
world is falling apart it can be easy to find plenty of little things you can fix.  For example, if you're not happy with your weight,  make small changes in your lifestyle like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

6. Speak and show positive affirmations - There may be no more of a powerful force than self-talk. If you keep reminding yourself how terrible everything thing is around do, do you really believe that you'll be motivated to do something about it?  Regardless of the negativity going on around you, say out loud what you want to happen. Write down a daily affirmation and place it somewhere that you're going to see it, such as your bedroom or bathroom mirror, refrigerator, or computer monitor.

7. Take action/Don't mope - find something simple and set a goal, take action and this motion forward energy will create more energy to take action.  Don't mope an wallow in your own pity.

8.  Take a 20 minute nap - set your alarm and take a reset nap.

9. Be with other humans - The pandemic has changed everything, but if you feel safe to do so, visit a friend or sit in an outside café and be around other people and  get out of your head for a little while.

10.  Water & Sleep - drink lots of water, use lemon, lime, cucumber slice or orange slices for variety and go to be early.

Things I Avoid When Everything is going wrong.

·         Sad music or nostalgic music, 

·         Social Media - comparison is a joy killer

·         Complicated '"family" relationships or Negative People

·        Alcohol or Medicating yourself with a depressant.

Some of the best advice I ever received was to stop trying to “fix” things when everything and just surrender to life. Life has a way of working itself out when we learn to let go.  Focus on gratitude and  breathe.