MCC from the Capitol
Missouri Rolls Out School Choice Scholarship Program
Missouri Rolls Out School Choice Scholarship Program 34:06 MCC Legislative Roundtable May 2022 30:08 MCC Legislative Roundtable March 2022 27:53 MCC Legislative Roundtable February 2022 33:26 "A Tragic Illusion" ~ A Catholic Perspective on the Death Penalty 49:26 Breaking Down the Glasgow Climate Conference 54:36 A 300-Year-Old Church in a 200-Year-Old State 52:43 A Closer Look at Refugee Resettlement in Mid-Missouri 40:51 The Future of Abortion Law After Dobbs v. Jackson 45:23 Catholic Healthcare in the 21st Century 44:29 Denouncing the Dred Scott Decision 1:00:34 The Affordable Housing Crisis in Missouri 44:22 MCC Talks 2020-2021 U.S. Supreme Court Term 54:56 MCC Legislative Roundtable June 2021 28:54 The Equality Act & Gender Ideology from a Catholic Perspective with guest Mary Hasson 56:30 MCC Legislative Roundtable March 2021 24:19 MCC Talks COVID-19 Vaccines with Bishop McKnight and Dr. Keith Starke 40:02 MCC Legislative Roundtable January 2021 26:44 Civilize It: A Call for Civility in an Era of Outrage 25:48 Welcoming the Stranger: An Introduction to Missouri’s Immigrant Community 42:23 Preserving Catholic Education 35:11 Religious Liberty in the Age of COVID-19 37:00 The Demographic Question: What to Expect When No One is Expecting 46:31 The Racialization of America: A Conversation about Race 42:51 Medicaid Expansion in Missouri 30:19