At The Podium with Manuel Amezcua
The Game Isn't Won on the Field, It's Won in Your Mind
The Game Isn't Won on the Field, It's Won in Your Mind 45:31 What It Means To Be a Student of the Game & Navigating College Football with Nick Samac 25:31 Playing College Football & Trusting the Vision of Those in Your Corner with JD Duplain 27:02 How to Know and Communicate Your Unique Value with Greg Jones 46:18 Embrace the Gift of Adversity and Rejection with Jake Butt 42:45 How to Overachieve Expectations & Perform at Your Highest Level with Todd Anderson 42:33 Road to the Next Level: Inside the NFL Draft Process with 2023 NFL Prospect Amir Siddiq 34:00 From Underdog to NFL with Anthony Pittman 38:43 Building a Relentless Mindset & Football Program with Michigan State's Mel Tucker 35:25 Jon Gordon on How to Build Unstoppable Teams 43:14 New Season Kickoff - Manny is Interviewed by a Guest Host 58:04 End of Season + End of Year Message (Back in March 2023) 3:31 Why YOU Have the Power to Write Your Story and Define Your Brand | Herman Moore 1:03:58 He Sent 840 Emails to Turn His Dream Into a Reality | Kalif Raymond 42:39 Stop Waiting for the Perfect Opportunity & Start Taking Action | Suzy Merchant 56:10 Why You Only Have ONE Path to Success & How to Make the Most of It | Darien Harris 47:53 What Makes a Great Leader + How YOU Can Become One | Mateen Cleaves 1:04:25 The Daily Mindsets and Habits REQUIRED for Success | Ben Newman 51:01 Never Compromise Your Standards + A Recipe for How to Bounce Back When Things Don’t Go As Planned | Andy Wagstaff 50:02 A Masterclass on How to Bet on Yourself to Create Favorable Outcomes in Life | LaMarr Woodley 50:49 How to Turn Moments of Adversity into Fuel to Create Your Biggest Successes in Life | Taiwan Jones 50:15 Your Approach to Failure May be Holding You Back - Why You Should Fail Faster & Clean The Edges | Mat Ishbia 53:53 How to Build & Scale a Boutique Consulting Business | Marti McLeish & Stephanie Murphy 41:09 Future Champions - Interviewing Tomorrow’s Athletes + Leaders While They Are Still Kids | Ava & Atlas Amezcua 29:40 Stop Waiting to Pursue Your Dreams - Attacking Life with Impatience | Chad Miles 52:48