Toxic Person Proof

Episode 296: Helping Your Teen With Laura Lyles Reagan

June 17, 2022 Sarah K Ramsey Season 30 Episode 296
Toxic Person Proof
Episode 296: Helping Your Teen With Laura Lyles Reagan
Show Notes

      Laura Lyles Reagan is a parent/ teen communication coach and family sociologist with more than 30 years of experience in practical youth development. She holds a Masters in Sociology specializing in communication dynamics. She is a former instructor in Community Sociology and the Sociology of Childhood and Adolescence at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.
      Laura’s youth development career spans service in Mexico City as a youth substance abuse counselor to nonprofit management in Texas. She conducts workshops on hot topics such as family communication, substance abuse and recovery, bullying prevention and teen suicide prevention in English and Spanish.
      Her award-winning, best-selling debut book, How to Raise Respectful Parents: Better Teen and Parent Communication is published by Moonshine Cove Publishing, SC. Most recently, it was awarded the 2020 Best Book Award for Parenting and Family. It has been translated to Spanish, Como Criar Padres Respetuosos. Her most recent release is self-published, The Quick Start Guide to Grant Writing for Authors, Coaches, and Social Artists. It hit #1 New Release on Amazon.
      She is a frequent radio and podcast guest and can be interviewed in English or Spanish. She has published over 100 articles in regional parenting magazines throughout the United States and Canada. Most importantly Laura is the mother of two young adult daughters and a proud grandmother.  She loves to recount their adventures and read to her grandson.
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