Toxic Person Proof

Episode 320: Anxiety Management with Lucy Smith

August 12, 2022 Sarah K Ramsey Season 33 Episode 320
Toxic Person Proof
Episode 320: Anxiety Management with Lucy Smith
Show Notes

Lucy J Smith is a Mental Health Advocate, Author & Podcaster supporting others with understanding and managing their anxiety after her own struggles.

Lucy invested years into researching how best to manage anxiety to free herself from her own, then put the research and experience to good use becoming a mentor for others.

You can read more about Lucy at her website where you can listen to the Stand Up To Anxiety Podcast and access a range of books and journals to support adults and children with their mental health.

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Most women think talk therapy is the only way to heal!  Unfortunately, these women waste years trying to figure out how codependency works or rehashing their past in an office week after week trying to pick apart their childhoods.  But, Sarah’s clients aren’t “most people.”  They know overachievers aren’t just looking to talk about their problems, they are looking for an action plan to SOLVE their problems!

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