Toxic Person Proof

Episode 187: Knowing When And How To Leave with Karen Ratcliffe

October 01, 2021 Sarah K Ramsey Season 19 Episode 187
Toxic Person Proof
Episode 187: Knowing When And How To Leave with Karen Ratcliffe
Show Notes

Karen Ratcliffe started to manage the effects of the family toxicity from the age of twelve years. She has devoted her life, to help people communicate more effectively and resolve conflict. Karen helps you understand how you attach meaning to relationships, and how to adapt your communication to deepen connection to enjoy healthy relationships. Karen’s message is: “It is possible to choose a life free of coercion. When you know yourself on a deeper level, and how to communicate without conflict, you increase your self-esteem. You will feel the Power of You, and I can help you achieve it.”

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Before trying Sarah K Ramsey’s programs her clients were super embarrassed because on the outside these women appeared to have it all.  However, these women had a secret...they still felt mentally chained down by their toxic partner or parent.

Most women think talk therapy is the only way to heal!  Unfortunately, these women waste years trying to figure out how codependency works or rehashing their past in an office week after week trying to pick apart their childhoods.  But, Sarah’s clients aren’t “most people.”  They know overachievers aren’t just looking to talk about their problem, they are looking for an action plan to SOLVE their problems!

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