Adulthood Is...

30 Ideas For Your Inner Child's Bucket List

March 28, 2018
Adulthood Is...
30 Ideas For Your Inner Child's Bucket List
Adulthood Is...
30 Ideas For Your Inner Child's Bucket List
Mar 28, 2018
Jayson C. Lynn
In which we go over Jayson's favorite ideas to add to anyone's inner child bucket list.
Show Notes
Anymore everywhere we look we see our childhood superheroes in movies, a push on book franchises in the young adult space, toys becoming collectibles, constant reboots of old television shows, and more of our childhoods being repurposed for profit or enjoyment in a more sophisticated way. However, because of all this rebooting, retooling, and repurposing we forget to enjoy what made these things our favorite childhood memories in the first place and make our inner child just a little happier as well. That thing is the experience of them, the willingness we once had to give moments of time to things that may feel futile or non-conducive. This list gives you a jumping off point for what I believe are thirty great ways to be mindful of your inner child and let them “waste” five or fifteen minutes of your day. Do some, do one, do all. I promise that doing any of these by yourself, with your sibling, or with a friend will provide to you a renewal in the feeling of having fun and refreshing your mind.

30 Things to Do to Fulfill Your Inner Child’s Needs

  1. Wear a Costume as clothing for a day.
  2. Camp in your backyard.
  3. Fly a kite for more than 5 minutes
  4. Go fishing
  5. Build something(s) out of giant cardboard boxes
  6. Ride a ferris wheel at the county fair
  7. Build a snowman
  8. Get a library card and spend the day reading books
  9. Go to a corn maze
  10. Run through someone else’s sprinklers
  11. Play on a sports team again
  12. Roll down a big grassy hill and then lay there looking at the clouds
  13. Hatch a butterfly, sea monkeys, or a venus fly trap
  14. Paint an actual painting
  15. Make a tye dye shirt
  16. Create a blanket fort and have a movie night inside
  17. Sing in the rain
  18. Ice skate
  19. Jump into a pile of leaves
  20. Play a surprise game of tag with friends
  21. Read a kids chapter book from your childhood (or not) in one day
  22. Stay in your pajamas all day
  23. Write a comic book
  24. Explore your house for loose change and other artifacts like you’re Nancy Drew
  25. Make paper airplanes and have a derby off of the roof
  26. Make your own play dough
  27. Go to a petting zoo
  28. Go take a photo with a Disney Princess
  29. Collect things to donate to others and then drop them off
  30. Call someone in your family you haven’t talked to in years just to say hi
  31. Ride a train for a day


These are all things that I have tried at some point after becoming an adult, for all intents-and-purposes, but that does not mean that these are the only thirty or the best thirty. Do you have any suggestions for the list? Leave them in the comments below and lets talk about your favorite ways to feel like a kid again.
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