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Adulthood Is...
Preserving Our Inner Child and Finding Personal Growth with The Confused Millennial
April 18, 2018 Jayson C. Lynn / Rachel Ritlop
    The one in which we talk about what it means to be a millennial, the misconceptions, the opportunities, the struggles, and all the real stuff that goes on in between. Rachel gives Jayson great advice on manifesting your goals, the importance of accessing your inner child to foster your professional creativity, blogging as a career and for personal health, and we even talk about a shaman.

The Confused Millennial...

Rachel started The Confused Millennial as a community for confused millennials to embrace who they truly are while learning and growing together. The goal with TCM is to help other confused millennials navigate this whole  #adulting thing (finance, career, business, etc.) while still captivating what fuels our soul (Netflix, traveling, and living that Instagrammable lifestyle). Her work has been featured in Forbes, Brit + Co, Monster, FastCompany, and many more.

Where We’re Going…

0:26 – Origin of The Confused Millennial 2:01 – Most successful topic on the blog 2:56 – Misconception of the Millennial Generation 5:00 – Manifesting the things you want from your life 8:23 – Balance between focusing on testing for college and beyond and play time 12:30 – Biggest tips for going from high school to adulthood 15:52 – Is blogging still a fertile landscape for someone to get into or where should the next cohort go online? 18:25 – How do people find their voice for themselves? 20:15 – How do you transition your passions into positive actions online? 24:29 – Common advice is to “just start” but how do we avoid victimizing our own voice in the process? Or how to not let your voice online just be a diary-based confessional. 29:06 – How do you become comfortable expanding your search for health and wellness and shamanic rituals. 32:00 – Adulthood Is… Blog case study example 37:02 – What do you do to overcome the fear and anxiety of your first post? – Listener Question 42:32 What books or resources do you recommend the most? 43:50 What’s the 45:30 Imposter syndrome in growing your self-brand 47:00 – Inner child fulfillment question


“It’s not that we’re entitled, it’s that we don’t want to wait around to just feel empty inside.” – (4:00) “Our little kid self knows so much more about who we are.” – (13:15) “Once you have identified how [negativity] is showing up in your life, look at what language you’re using to perpetuate your own story for yourself.” – (23:02) “We solve our problems by how we were raised to ask the questions” – (29:00)


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