The Banff Spy Podcast

The Banff Spy Pilot Podcast (segment 2)

October 10, 2020 Richard Broom Season 1 Episode 1
The Banff Spy Podcast
The Banff Spy Pilot Podcast (segment 2)
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This is the second part of our Banff Spy podcast.
In this podcast you'll be hearing from our Senior Report, Beth Sivewright. Beth will be talking about Covid-19 and how it is affecting schools in Scotland.

We will be talking to Karen Adam from the SNP who hopes to become the SNP for the Banff and Buchan area soon.

You'll also be hearing from Adam Broom, a career paramedic who will be giving advice on Covid-19 topics.  Adam will also be talking about his career as a paramedic and how he flies around the world in executive jets which have been converted to air ambulances. 

Former GCHQ officer, Graeme McGowan, will also be joining us to talk about combatting Covid-19 scams.  Graeme will also be talking about careers at GCHQ.

Beth Sivewright - Senior Banff Spy Reporter
Karen Adam - SNP
Adam Broom - Paramedic - Covid 19
Graeme McGowan - Covid-19 Scams
Adam Broom - Air Ambulances and Paramedic Careers
Graeme McGowan - GCHQ Careers