Gratitude Circle

Terri Maxwell — Taking the "Worth Pledge"

September 14, 2022 Justin Sebastian
Gratitude Circle
Terri Maxwell — Taking the "Worth Pledge"
Show Notes

On May 2nd, 2015 Terri took a “Worth Pledge”.

"I have decided that I am worthy. I am worthy of prosperity. I am worthy of joy. I am worthy of more love. I am worthy of people who treat me with honor, dignity and kindness."

In her early life, she spent a lot of time seeking worth externally. But on that day she said - no more!

She made a "self worth bill of rights" and reads it over every so often to remind herself and keep it alive in her mind. 

And this simple practice helped her rise above the negative self-talk she struggled for so long. The “Worth Day” pledge changed everything.

Listen in to hear how gratitude transformed Terri’s life and why she has the words “Grateful” tattooed across her arms.

I am Justin and this is the Gratitude Circle.

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