Grand Slam Journey

3. Fazal Syed: Tennis career, finding purpose, being of service to others, transforming human lives, harmony, and self-awareness

January 07, 2021 Klara Jagosova Season 1
Grand Slam Journey
3. Fazal Syed: Tennis career, finding purpose, being of service to others, transforming human lives, harmony, and self-awareness
Show Notes

Fazal is a tennis coach a former professional tennis player and a friend of mine. We met in Dallas in 2007 playing mixed doubles together. He was #1 junior in India, represented India in Davis Cup 1998-2001, and achieved top 200 and top 400 ATP ranking in doubles and singles, respectively. Fazal was the National grass-court Champion of India in 2000. He was a Bronze medalist at the 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok and earned No. 1 ranking as an Amateur by the USTA 1997-98. He also won the 1997 USTA  National clay court championship. After his retirement in 2002, he coached  Mahesh Bhupathi (former No.1 doubles player) and Martin Damm (top 10 Doubles) on the 2005 US Open circuit. 

During our podcast we discussed Fazal’s upbringing and how was it to grow up playing tennis in Kolkata, India. Fazal shared his challenges about having good quality coaching and support system that prevented him from reaching higher levels in professional tennis. We discuss his decision to come to the US and play tennis for a D1 University at Temple Philadelphia, a decision to quit school to go represent India at Davis Cup and play the ATP tour for 3 years, and then another decision to quit tennis and go back to school to finish his education. After finishing his university degree Fazal ended up accepting an investment banking job in Dallas. That was two years before the market crash happened. During the market crash, he lost his job and ended up moving back to Philadelphia. His route of self-awareness took him back to his purpose and passion - tennis. Fazal founded and runs his own tennis academy named Level 7 Tennis and coaches kids of all levels and ages to become better tennis players, and ultimately, better human beings. 

What I admire about Fazal is his state of harmony that he mentioned numerous times during our discussion. His ability to look at life through the positive lens, gratitude that he holds in his heart, hunger for constant learning, strong resilience, and determination to keep going without worrying what other people may think. We talk about a strong commitment and drive to achieve his dreams no matter how crazy or wild they may seem… and through it all, always be giving back and serving others who may need our help. 

My favorite quote from this podcast:  “Our actions reflect what we leave behind.”
My favorite topics from this podcast: #purpose, #passion, being of service to others, the joy we get from helping to transform human l

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