Empathy When

Empathy When #8 Samantha Bohatsch

October 05, 2020 Broken Dimanche Press Season 1 Episode 8
Empathy When
Empathy When #8 Samantha Bohatsch
Show Notes

Want to hear some terrible French? This episode, I start with some dreadful French. But thankfully, it's quickly forgotten thanks to the wonderful Samantha Bohatsch. Samantha's practice covers many shapes and forms, with texts, reading performances, video and printed matter among them. I have a chat with Samantha about her work and her deployment of fiction in her narratives and the role performance takes. At the beginning I shamelessly bribe with presents. We talk about breakups right at the beginning of the pandemic, being in quarantine, and nature of writing, poetry and visual art practices.

As mentioned, here is the link to Samantha's wonderful tiktok
And my much edited (boring) tiktok:

Check out Samantha's work online:

Thanks to Samantha, I really enjoyed this conversation and reading!

Samantha Bohatsch, born 1984 in Berlin, lives and works in Berlin. She studied in Karlsruhe (D), Vienna and Berlin and finished her studies as Meisterschülerin of Silvia Bächli at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe (D). Her works have been shown at Kunsthalle Baden-Baden (D); Efrimidis Gallery, Berlin; CAN, Neuchâtel (CH); Bob's Pogo Bar/ KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin and Forum Stadtpark, Graz (AT). She has been honored with artist fellowships by the Federal State Baden-Württemberg (D), the Arts Foundation Baden-Württemberg (D) and the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.