The Blade and Chalice Podcast - Get Aligned during Turbulent Times!

Episode 042 - (guest Martin Richtsfeld) Reclaiming our Digital Freedom

August 26, 2021 Martin Richtsfeld Season 2 Episode 20
The Blade and Chalice Podcast - Get Aligned during Turbulent Times!
Episode 042 - (guest Martin Richtsfeld) Reclaiming our Digital Freedom
Show Notes

The average person spends over 8 hours a day on the internet.

However,  we try to improve our lives by focusing on exercise, diet and a couple other habits.

But over 60% of our waking lives is spent ONLINE.  It is a new human phenomenon and so many of us are completely unaware of how much power we give away.

Few people are properly EDUCATED on how to use technology properly.

Martin Richtsfeld is here to change the way people engage with technology.  Martin is a cyber-security expert and conscious human being who bridges the gap between healthy digital habits and holistic health.

Join this incredible discussion that covers a wide range of subjects related to digital hygiene, natural habits and human consciousness including: 

* Latest changes with regards to privacy in the digital ecosystem
* Behavior and self-expression suffer under surveillance
* Reclaiming our own digital sovereignty as a way to more freedom and better health
* Special FX/Deep Fakes in news/media AND chat-bots/AI-bot on social media - the war on perception and what is REALITY?
* Loose privacy habits leads to reinforcement of your echo chamber and drives polarization in society
* The evolutionary leap currently underway with humanity!
* Digital life in alignment with Natural Law
* Subtle undertones of wording, green language and the impact of semantics on human consciousness
* Martin's new course (first part is given freely!) on combining powerful embodiment practices with an education about navigating the digital world more effectively!
* How can we use technology in symbiosis with natural law?
* Our brilliant future and how technology is just a transition until we unlock true human potential
*What ACTUALLY happens to our data (it's bigger than you think!)
* The case for digital tribalism and how to create your OWN Facebook!
* How to navigate the spectre of transhumanism - merging technology with biology and instead, build the future YOU want!
* Non-consent and what happened in Moscow should be a template for the rest of the world who values freedom!
* Cryptocurrency: centralized vs. decentralized
* The life benefits of living with HEALTHY digital habits!

...And so much more!

Check out Martin's course here:

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