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Welcome to Dream First Bank!
Welcome to Dream First Bank! 23:48 What To Do About Interest Rates? 39:44 Clay Scott--Kansas Aqueduct 1:07:42 Lona Duvall--Keep the Red Bull Flowing 1:10:15 BBQ & Hours--That's how you have a successful H2A guest worker program! 1:00:11 Get Started! 50:13 #SuperBanker Movin' Money Tyler 41:55 Any Door Works 1:20:47 Don't forget the 3-Year Rule..... 29:14 Economic Development in Rural America 1:05:45 Grain Marketing for 2021 and Beyond... 1:14:31 Follow your Passions!-Ashton Maxfield 1:02:26 #ProveIt--Adrienne Desutter 1:12:28 SBA, PPP, & EIDL Oh My! -Brandon Mumgaard 49:43 Grain Marketing Discussion with FBN 58:08