Navigating the Immigration Struggle™

Welcome to Navigating the Immigration Struggle™!

June 18, 2020 Salma Benkabbou, Esq.
Navigating the Immigration Struggle™
Welcome to Navigating the Immigration Struggle™!
Show Notes

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the very first episode of Navigating the Immigration Struggle™. I’m your host, Salma Benkabbou, and I am the founder and lead attorney at the Benkabbou Law Firm here in the heart of Downtown Tampa, Florida. At 10 years old, my family and I came here to the United States as immigrants. 

I have experienced the confusing, lengthy process myself and watched first-hand as my family tried to navigate the system themselves, only to have to go through FIVE lawyers before finding one that would advocate for us the way we needed someone to. Now, I help others navigate that exact same process. I am a living example of the American Dream, and I want to help you achieve your dreams as if they are my own!

On this podcast, I will be sharing my personal experiences as well as client stories, helpful tips and updates about the American immigration process, and important information someone who is thinking about or enduring the immigration process should know.  

I am so happy to extend this free resource to you when I can — I know how scary the immigration process can be, and I just want you to know that you are not here and you are NEVER alone!

I am the lead attorney at The Benkabbou Law Firm, PLLC, located in Tampa, Florida. The Benkabbou Law Firm, PLLC is a boutique law firm that handles business, intellectual property, immigration, and business immigration law. Our firm takes a proactive, efficient approach to providing legal solutions to clients in need. Through client-driven strategies and sophisticated legal counsel, The Benkabbou Law Firm, PLLC is able to assist clients throughout the business development process.

If you are interested in receiving legal services from me, please contact me using this form. You can call our office at (813) 586-3351 or send us an e-mail at

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