EP 41: Nellie Akalp On How She Became Of The 2% Of Women Who Have A 7 Figure Business
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The Badass CEO
EP 41: Nellie Akalp On How She Became Of The 2% Of Women Who Have A 7 Figure Business
Apr 13, 2021 Episode 41
Mimi MacLean

This week on the Badass CEO podcast, we had the chance to sit down again with the founder of Corpnet, Nellie Akalp to discuss why only 2% of female entrepreneurs make it to 1million in sales or even achieve the titles of CEO. We go through Nellie's story and tips on how we can better ourselves as not only businesswomen but as humans who feel confident and worthy of their success and happiness. 

Tune in to hear how we can use relational alignment to find our worth and become our ideal self, why our inner thoughts have to match our outer actions, and why boundaries are so important.

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