EP 42: Shauna Reiter, founder of Alaya Naturals on How She Runs Her Business from Home
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The Badass CEO
EP 42: Shauna Reiter, founder of Alaya Naturals on How She Runs Her Business from Home
Apr 20, 2021 Episode 42
Mimi MacLean

 On this week's podcast, Shauna Brittenham, the founder of Alaya Naturals, and a mother of two whose personal journey with autoimmune disease inspired her to create her all-natural supplement company. Brittenham researched the highest quality, clean ingredients that could make a positive impact on your health and nourish the body. We discussed how she runs her business from home, what sustainable manufacturing practices Alaya Naturals implements, and how she balances motherhood with running a full-scale business.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why she believes DTC is crucial for small businesses
  • How to budget and cut unnecessary overhead 
  • How she financed her clean supplement business
  • Why you need to promote responsibility and imagination to your kids

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