EP 49: Beating The Odds and Breaking Into Packaged Foods with B.A.D. Food Co. Creator Michelle Retik
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EP 49: Beating The Odds and Breaking Into Packaged Foods with B.A.D. Food Co. Creator Michelle Retik
Jun 08, 2021 Episode 49
Mimi MacLean

The packaged food industry is one of the hardest industries to breakthrough in as a new entrepreneur but Michelle Rtik found her niche and has built up B.A.D. Food to be the star of grain and GMO-free goods. She was able to get into 800 retail locations including Erewhon and beat the odds all while being an active mother of four children during a pandemic! How did she do it? She tells us everything on this episode of Badass CEO.

Tune in to hear how she raised funds for her business and grew B.A.D. Foods during a pandemic and how she beat the food giants and got her product into hundreds of retail stores.

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