EP 53: From Juice Cleanse to Medicinal Mushroom Beverage with Erica Hass and Zoe Sakoutis
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EP 53: From Juice Cleanse to Medicinal Mushroom Beverage with Erica Hass and Zoe Sakoutis
Jul 08, 2021
Mimi MacLean

From Blueprint Cleanse to Medicinal Mushroom Beverage company, Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Hass know how to look at the white space industry and go for it. They started the juice cleanse craze and ultimately sold The Blueprint Cleanse. Both Zoe and Erica are continuously learning and consider themselves wellness gurus, and they once again saw white space in the medicinal mushroom industry. They jumped at the opportunity and started a company, Earth and Star, that uses the immune-supporting adaptogenic mushrooms in the consumer’s daily routines through ready-to-drink lattes, coffees, and chocolate. With Earth and Star, the two entrepreneurs successfully launched a product to make functional mushrooms as accessible and delicious as possible to the masses, emphasizing the benefits of supporting immunity, energy, and focus when integrated into a daily routine.

Please tune in to hear how they make starting two consumer product companies look easy, how they compete with the big guys, how they grew their company without outside investments, and why trial and error is part of the entrepreneurial journey.

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