NCAA NIL & the Future of Collegiate Sports Marketing with Ishveen Jolly

February 05, 2022 Gavin Jocius with Ishveen Jolly Season 1 Episode 25
NCAA NIL & the Future of Collegiate Sports Marketing with Ishveen Jolly
Show Notes

Ishveen Jolly is the CEO + Founder at OpenSponsorship. OpenSponsorship is a marketplace that connects brands to professional and amateur athletes. The platform covers multiple sports in 120 different countries.

Ishveen and I talk about how she built her business and the NCAA’s recent policy change that allows current and future athletes to generate revenue from their name, image or likeness. This is a massive change in the US sports marketing industry and a bit of a wild west landgrab as schools, athletic departments and brands look to find new and creative ways to help student athlete generate money. We talk about the opportunities and challenges this rule change offers students and how brands can capitalize on them.

Ishveen received a BA and MA from Oxford in Economics and Management. She was recognized as an Inc Top 100 Female Founder and Forbes 30 Under 30. If you love sports or technology or just want to learn more about the future of collegiate sports marketing, then you will want to tune in.

Discussion Topics:

(1:17) Our favorite celebrity athletes.

(2:28) OpenSponsorship elevator pitch & origin story.

(11:51) Athletes using social media during the Olympics.

(15:26) NCAA NIL (name, image and likeness) policy change.

(23:59) Advice for brands looking to partner with student athletes.

(39:00) Oxford University Angel Fund and raising capital.

(42:50) Advice for how Universities can better prepare students for NIL opportunities.

(46:17) Rapid fire questions.