Digital Marketing, Geofencing, Print Media & Intrapreneurship with Rory Gillis

July 22, 2022 Gavin Jocius with Rory Gillis Season 1 Episode 30
Digital Marketing, Geofencing, Print Media & Intrapreneurship with Rory Gillis
Show Notes

Rory Gillis is the President of Triangle Media Partners and Founder of Triangle Digital Partners. Triangle Media Partners is the largest lifestyle influencer in the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina. The company owns Chapel Hill Magazine, Durham Magazine, Chatham Magazine, Heart of NC Weddings, Sip + Savor and Triangle Weekender. Triangle Digital Partners is the digital wing of the business which focuses on display advertising, social media marketing and more.

With CNBC recently naming North Carolina as America’s Top State for Business in 2022, Rory and I talk about why more businesses and professionals are moving to the area and what makes it ideal for professional recruitment. We also talk about small to medium sized business ad budgets, geofencing, digital marketing and how her company has managed to bridge the gap between traditional print media and cutting-edge online marketing techniques.

As a warning, this episode focuses heavily on our hometown, but even if you are not from here, there is a great deal of wisdom on how best to grow and build a business in an ever-changing digital landscape.  If you are from North Carolina, you’ll want to stick around as we dish out dirt and have heated exchanges about our favorite local businesses and more.


Discussion Topics:

(1:25) Why North Carolina is the top state for business in 2022.

(8:25) Triangle Digital Partner’s origin story.

(16:27) Geofencing, location data and microproximity.

(21:30) Scaling a business.

(28:02) Mentorship and team building.

(31:38) Hiring and motivating Millennials and iGen.

(37:04) Intraprenurship vs. Entrepreneurship. 

(46:15) Controversial rapid fire.