A.I. For Educators & Entrepreneurs with Jason Gulya, Ph.D.

February 26, 2023 Gavin Jocius with Jason Gulya, Ph.D. Season 2 Episode 37
A.I. For Educators & Entrepreneurs with Jason Gulya, Ph.D.
Show Notes

Jason Gulya is a Professor of English at Berkeley College. In 2020, Jason received Berkeley’s Faculty of the Year Award for Teaching Excellence. He is also a higher ed consultant who helps students and professors prepare for the future and gives advice on how to utilize artificial intelligence in and outside of the classroom.

Jason has a wealth of knowledge and actionable advice for using A.I. He outlines many great resources that you can use immediately to make yourself more productive at work. We talk about the future of the humanities, white collar work, the idea of a second brain and the emergence of a new profession he calls an A.I. Prompt Engineer. He even shares A.I. hacks for creating online classes and training manuals in record time.

If you are an educator, entrepreneur or just someone who is interested in A.I. and how to “work smarter, not harder” then you will enjoy this podcast.

Discussion Topics:

(1:06) A.I. tools you need to be using right now.

(10:50) What A.I. means for the future of work.

(13:00) A.I. and the future of the Humanities.

(18:33) Second brains and offloading effects.

(26:45) Using A.I. to build a business.

(36:00) Who owns A.I. copyrights?

(41:25) OpenAI Codex.

(44:38) Advice for educators. Grade the interaction with A.I.

(45:27) New careers as a prompt engineer.

(49:34) Advice for colleges and universities.

(54:42) What does the future look like?

(59:19) Rapid fire questions.